10. Because its not gonna go any where soon if you don’t

Happy First Birthday - Dog Poop

– Dog waste takes up to 1 year to full break down a pile into organic components. Until then it is sitting, stinking, polluting, and killing your back yard landscape.

9. Poop and all its friends

– Dog waste attracts pests, flies, maggots, millipedes, rats, and parasitic worms.  Having dog waste present in your backyard can increase all of these critters in your yard and knocking at your door almost 10 fold.

8. Because its poop!

Unless you are dung beetle no one wants to be around the stuff, esp your family or neighbors, its just plain unpleasant.

7. Some cities will fine you if you don’t scoop.

Almost every metropolitan communities have laws in place that require people pick up after their dog in public places and municipal areas. Some cities are even putting into place similar laws for private property as well because watersheds and adjacent properties can become polluted from high concentrations of dog waste.

6. Your yard is your kids play place.

Kids have great imaginations and endless energy which usually leads to them getting into everything. They love to run, bounce, throw and kick almost anything. Often times dog waste can become tracked in on a pair of shoes and all the bacteria are in your house. ewwwww.  The backyard is usually a very safe place for your kids to play, but not with dog waste all over it.

5. Transferable microbes from dog waste to other dogs and children

Dogs can be a significant host of giardia and salmonella.  Parvo Virus, Hookworms, Roundworms, Giardia and Coccidia can all be transferred to humans and/or other dogs from dog waste.

4. Watershed pollution-

The supply of drinking water varies from city to city but all our lakes and rivers are all filled with run off from surrounding areas.  In metropolitan and suburban areas that means your property.  Dog waste is becoming an increasing problem due to the number of dogs we own and the density of our cities is rising.

3. Dog waste kill grass and plants.

– Dog poop isn’t fertilizer!!  it is very acidic and its ph level will chemically burn and destroy plants, grass and anything else growing in your yard

2. Dog waste destroys lawn equipment.

– Being highly acidic and of unusual consistency it can attach itself to inner workings of of machinery and cause premature breakdown.