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Tips for your pooch & you having a successful summer season.

Summer is upon us.  Pool parties, bbqs, holiday weekends. and lots of other outdoor based activities are in full swing.  Its time to get ready to have that special event in your backyard.

Summer Fiestas

Before you go bonkers trying to have the perfect yard for the event remember to scoop the dog poop.   Dog poop in the warm summer months can be at it most unpleasant.  Heat and humidity only increase the smell and pungent smell of dog waste.  Make sure you not only scoop it or have a pooper scooper company service your yard but have it removed from the premises.  Baking in your trash can be almost as bad as sitting in your back yard.  Yuck!

School’s out for Summer.

The kids are out of school for the summer and gonna be full of energy and playing outside in the yard.  Children are constantly running inside and outside tracking whatever they have on thier shoes all over the house.  The parasites and pests found in and around dog waste thrive in warmer temperatures and become the most active and aggressive during the summer months.  Having the kids in the yard playing all day just isn’t smart while the dog waste is capable of spreading infection and other diseases.

Flower Power

Summer months are usually the greatest for planting landscapes and bedding plants.  Dog waste isn’t fertilizer not matter what you might have thought up to this point.  It is highly acidic.  Only herbivores waste (cow, deer, etc) can be used as fertilizer.  Dog food has animal proteins in it that make your dogs waste damaging to plants and landscapes.  Dog waste can destroy lawn equipment so make sure to pick up before you mow over it as well.  It can cause premature breakdown of machinery because of it chemical make up.  If you are going to plant beautiful plants this summer make sure to pick up the waste or use a repellent.  Some of our franchises, such as Minneapolis are now offering repellent treatments that keep dogs off of treated area.  It is non toxic to plants and animal it simply keeps your dog from digging or defecating in that area.

Have a great summer!


Today while on our normal exercise session with my dog “Doug” down at the Auditorium Shores section of Lady Bird Lake, i noticed several people still refusing to pick up after their dog.  One lady in particular with a small black lab puppy sees her dog starting to take the obvious relentless sniffing that a dog does before he is about to poop.  Right as our furry friend gets down in the pose she acts as if she is distracted by something, thinking that in the mess of dogs and owners running around no one will connect her with the dog.  I sat and watched for another 10 mins or so in the area and then as she leashes up the dog to go home a bike cop rides up and ask her why she didn’t pick up after the dog.  “Wow” are the only words i can.  The officer was watching the entire time.  She played dumb and said she didn’t see it, but that wasn’t flying with the officer.  She was actually issued a ticket, as she left, ticket in hand she of course acted like she was wrongly convicted and was the victim.

I spoke to the officer i did explain that i own a dog waste service in the Austin area (Poop 911 – Austin)  He said that the problem isn’t getting better it’s getting worse.  Based on what he and city is seeing.  The amount of dog waste left each day seems to just get worse.  He said there are less police officers at the parks cause of the need for them on the streets or other areas of the lake.

So in essence more and more dog waste is piling up over time even with increasing legislation and fines up to $500.  Something isn’t working… the amount of dog waste running into Lady Bird Lake with rain and natural erosion is amazing.  I remember taking part in the Austin Triathlon 2 years ago, in which the swim portion takes place in the lake.  It was nearly canceled due to the LCRAs  testing of the water that morning and having such a high “fecal bacteria count”  apparently they do regular testing to determine if it is safe for humans to be especially before races.

Here is the exact legal run down on the poop scoop law…


“An owner or handler shall promptly remove and sanitarily dispose of feces left on public or private property by a dog or cat being handled by the person, other than property owned by the owner or handler of the dog or cat.”

However disappointing it was to hear the officer’s side of the story… I was happy to see that someone ACTUALLY can get a ticket for this. Obviously for me it is an important topic, many people may read this and feel the same way. One thing they might not think about is that all of our yards where are dogs poop are connected to same environmental concerns. Dog waste left in your yard eventually seeps down to the watershed and into waterways. Ideally everyone would pick it up themselves but that isn’t the most fun chore so my company will be happy to come out and do it for you. We are inexpensive and reliable.

Lets “Scoop the Poop” Austin!  Our backyard’s rain runoffs all eventually end up in our lakes and rivers, so make sure you either pick in your yards or hire a service to do it for you.