We all love dogs and dogs love us right back that is why they have accompanied humans for centuries in many accepts of day to day life. When dogs are puppies we train them for weeks, months, and even years to get them to go outside to go to use the bathroom as to spare ourselves the problems of having dog waste in the house. But what happens to the dog waste in and around your yard? With so many dogs living in cities and metropolitan areas this concentration has become not only undesirable but toxic to the environment.

Before we get too far lets discuss a few dog waste misconceptions…

Myth #1 – “Animal waste is fertilizer”

FALSE… animals that consume meats and animal proteins excrete a high acid stool… so acidic in fact that it acts like a poison on grass, plant life, and even the watershed.

Myth #2 – “The natural process of decomposition will just eliminate the harmful bacteria and the waste”

FALSE… dog waste is can destroy waterways and watershed sending fecal bacteria counts through the roof. LIPA reports “3.6 billion pounds of dog waste/per year that is produced in just the united states alone.” A single gram of dog waste can contain 23 million fecal caliform bacteria. Can you imagine all that bacteria… where does it go from your backyard? well it slowly seeps into the soil and the underlying watershed or local waterways.

There are many ways to be responsible about this, many cites have already passed legislation requiring proper disposal of dog waste on public property with a penalty of a stiff fine for those who fail to comply. There are several cities around the US that are proposing the same legislation for private property because of the waste’s effect on the environment. Hiring a pooper scooper company like us (Poop 911) is one way to go about it, we can dispose of your dogs waste properly. Most local and online pet retailers also have tools that can make regular poop scooping easier to do yourself. There are also composting options that are become increasingly popular, however because you are using a very acid manure please make sure you follow the guideline for composting properly.

Poop Scooping and Pet waste removal weather it is done by the pet owner or a dog waste removal service is here to stay. Lets start being responsible pet owners and scoop the poop.