Yep its that time of year again

Spring is upon us and many people are ready to emerge and enjoy the outdoors with our pets.  Spending time outside this time of year can be great while temperatures are mild for humans and pets.  After a long day of enjoying the outside the last thing you want to see is that old familiar itching that some invading flea has found his way on to your pooch.

When you get your yard ready for spring and summer obviously priority #1 should be hiring a top notch pooper scooper and pet waste clean up company like Poop 911… but one other thing to keep in mind is that it is FLEA SEASON.

For the yard, if you want to treat the yard with a long-term flea control, you might want to look into something such as nematodes. Wet the yard first. Apply the first treatment to kill eggs and larvae, and then in 5-7 days apply a second treatment to kill adults. The nematodes keep on working for up to 2 years depending of how much you water the yard and how hot summertime gets. The nematodes also knock out fire ants. I can’t think of a better one-two punch!!! Fleas and fire ants…. seriously doesn’t anyone like either one of those guys?

Flea control in the house can be managed by mixing Borax with a small amount of rosemary and shake over your carpet.  It isn’t pleasant so just let it sit as long as you can handle it.  Vacuum up the powder and toss the vacuum bag. To get rid of the unhatched eggs repeat vacuuming for one week.

Please follow the directions, even with natural flea prevention products.

Dog poop piles up in your yard when you don’t scoop it.  Fleas, various beatles and other pests swarm to large area of dog waste.  Removing the pet waste is a good start and then a follow up with some of these remedies can ensure your dog a safe and happy summer inside and out of the house.