In our northern  snow covered states we all tend to get a little reclusive in the winter months. Choosing to enjoy the picturesque snow from our warm indoors with a cup of something hot. We spend little time in our yards due to cold temperatures, snow, and ice. However our dogs natural process of excreting dog waste never stops and keeps going 365 days a year snow or sun.

The bad news is that dog waste is accumulating all winter long in your yard. When the snow melts and just about the time you are on the edge of your toes wanting to get outside and thaw out…..WHAM! The snow is gone but the dog waste isn’t. The good news is that in a frozen state the dog waste can do little damage do the environment, humans, and our landscaping. The bad news.. is that when the dog waste thaws it is all at once.  All of the issues with dog waste are set into motion.  So you have a bombardment of dog waste all doing its worst all at once.  Most all bacteria and parasites that live in pet waste can survive very extreme temperatures and are simple dormant in winter months.  Take a nap more or less tell the weather is nice enough for them to get to work and of course this is the same time you and your family are heading out to the yard.

Remember if you live in one of our northern snow states to take care of your dogs business at first thawing of the snow.  Pooper Scooper Companies like POOP 911 offer service that you can keep up regular service during the summer months. If we don’t service your area check for a poop scoop service in your area.