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Hound Mounds POOP 911 was started in 2005. Originally known as Hound Mounds we have recently switched our name to POOP 911 since our customers seem to know us as the "POOP 911 guys".

We wanted to take the pain out of customer's grass and give free time back to dog owners to enjoy their time when they're home from work. We're here to do the dirty work for you. POOP 911 is a pooper scooper service meant to provide you with a clean yard so you can fertilize it as you see fit�.NOT what your dog sees is his sole duty�.aside from eating of course!. We take the pain out of thousands of customer's grass ...(uh yards that is) every month. Dog�s poopie piles, dog logs, land mines, or HOUND MOUNDS can build up faster than the earth cares to take them away. Well POOP 911 to the rescue! We are here to help with all your poop emergencies.

We take our jobs very seriously and are very professional. We will come out to your house one time, two times, or how ever many times a month or a week as you like to keep your yard nice and tidy no matter how hard your dog tries to mark his territory. Our professional POOP 911 staff is trained in the many mounds of all kinds of hounds and we know our poop�.or dog's poop for that matter so you don�t have to!!

Check out our automatic online customer scheduling system to schedule a service date convenient for you. And if you would like to speak to someone in person feel free to call our 877-POOP-911 toll free number to reach a technician in your neighborhood. Chances are we're already scooping one of your neighbors yards. So feel free to give us a call for a quote or to schedule an appointment or just flag down one of our trucks to come get the poop outta your lives. You do not have to be home for us to come do our business....which is your dog's business.... which is our bread and butter. We will schedule a time that is most convenient and least intrusive for you for us to make your yard as safe to walk in without shoes as it once was before your favorite 4 legged furry friend arrived!!

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