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Additional Services Offered by Poop 911

In addition to standard pooper scooper service we offer our customers a choice of additional services they may select along with their regular poop scooping service

Leaf Raking

Let us make your yard leaf free as well as poop free! We can make your yard beautiful no matter the season

Dog Walking

Fido can get bored being inside while mom and dad are busy at work. Now you can let him stretch his legs and sniff the flowers as we take him for a stroll.


This effective product discourages dogs from relieving themselves on lawns, flowerbeds, driveways or sidewalks. This application discourages dogs and cats from defecating in flower gardens and elsewhere.

Recycled Waste Bags

Made with 55% recycled plastic (16% post-consumer, 39% pre-consumer. Pet waste done the eco-friendly/green way!

Hose-off Deck Patio

- We will be happy to use your hose to spray off any deck, patio or walkway you have to give your yard that complete clean feeling with a nice clean patio or deck to enjoy your barbeque or family time events

Deodorizer Spray

- We spray your yard a with a fresh clean scent so you can take a deep breath when you walk into your back yard and feel it is a place you want to spend time in. We use only all natural products with enzymes that break down the less than pleasant smell your four legged furry friend usually leaves for you.

Fill Up Your Dog's Water or Food Bowl

- In case you're gone for a longer period of time during the day and want us to check on your dog's provisions we can fill your dog's water or food bowl if you specify the location of your dogs food and how much to give them. We will put it in our account notes and your poop 911 technician will take care of it for you on your day of service.