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We scoop dog poop in San Antonio and Bexar County!

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Local Manager - Tara Raabe

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San Antonio POOP 911 pooper scoopers is here to help with all your dog waste cleanup needs.

Never fear San Antonio POOP 911 is here to scoop the dog poop out of your yard! If you have a party or get together with friends and family and are worried about what they might step in when they are in your back yard...let us take the worry and hassel off your plate. Your dog's biscuits are our bread and butter.

Locally operated by Tara Raabe. Tara's professional pet waste removal technicians will make your yard the way it should be, clean and green! You will love your backyard so much after we clean it you will be inspired to have those fall and spring backyard barbeques with friends and family again. In addition to pooper scooper service San Antonio POOP 911 will hose off your patio or deck, deodorize your back yard and even leave a little treat for your favorite furry dog if you would like us to. So why wait? You may just become another one of our many customers that say "I don't know how I ever did without San Antonio POOP 911". Call San Antonio POOP 911 dog poop cleanup service today!

San Antonio Hound Mounds POOP 911 Dog Waste Removal service supports the needs of pet owners in the following counties:

Bexar County and San Antonio.

Here are just a few of the cities in and around San Antonio, Texas that Hound Mounds POOP 911 pooper scoopers provides dog poop cleanup services to:

San Antonio, Universal City, Converse

San Antonio Dog Poop Cleanup Available Year Round

San Antonio POOP 911 dog poop cleanup provides pet waste cleanup solutions for your yard year round. Let us clean up after your dog and make your lawn a fun, clean and safe place to be.

Automatic Billing for Each Pet Waste Clean Up Visit

No other poop scooper service is capable of doing this. We automatically bill directly to your pet waste cleanup visit to your credit or debit card on each day of service only after we've provided service to your yard. We don't believe that the you as our dog waste cleanup customer should pay for a pooper scooper service before it's completed. We stand behind our work 100%.

Your Dog's Poop Has Been Scooped - 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are unhappy with the dog clean up service you receive on any visit simply notify our San Antonio POOP 911 office by calling us at 1-877-POOP-911 or email us at sanantonio@poop911.com and you will not be billed for that day or your next poop scoop visit is FREE!

San Antonio Poop Scooping Schedules to Meet Your Needs

We offer weekly, every-other week, once-a-month and one-time dog waste cleanups. We also clean, disinfect, and deodorize decks, patios and dog runs.

Dog Loving and Friendly Professional San Antonio Pooper Scooper Staff

San Antonio POOP 911 professional pooper scoopers are friendly and dog lovers by nature. Our poop scoop staff wear very visible uniforms when they are providing dog poop cleanup service to customer properties so customers are aware that our staff members are there. We also leave a door hanger when we leave your property to let you know that your dog poop has been scooped. We also are happy to service your property with your pets or dogs out as long as they are people friendly.

Pet Waste Cleanup for Apartments, HOAs, City Dog Parks, Kennels and Doggie Day Care Centers in San Antonio Texas

POOP 911 San Antonio provides pet waste cleanup solutions for apartments, dog parks and home owner associations in the San Antonio Area. POOP 911 dog waste removal company supports the needs of pet owners in larger San Antonio Texas communities with our pet waste disposal systems that we install for you at your location. No matter what your San Antonio pet waste problem is in a large Texas community our very professional staff will develop a custom quote for your commercial property based on your needs. San Antonio POOP 911's commercial services include but are not limited to the following (Installation of pet waste stations, Restocking dog waste station bags, Poop scooping all or designated areas within your property, building custom solutions)

Pet Pooper Scooper Service for Events, Dog Parades or Parties in San Antonio Texas

Do you have a charity, company, or organization event in San Antonio or that you don’t want people to watch where they step? Never fear San Antonio POOP 911 is here to help. We have done numerous events for the San Antonio SPCA and other large San Antonio pet or dog organizations and are very well equipped to handle your dog or pet pooper scooper needs. Our courteous and friendly poop scoop staff will be outfitted in professional uniforms and patrol the area of your event to make sure it is a fun and clean area for all to enjoy. If your pet event is in the San Antonio area we can help!

So if you are looking for Pet or Dog Waste Removal and Cleanup services, San Antonio POOP 911 is the pooper scooper service for you!

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