POOP 911 in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania: Pooper Scooper Service That Shines

POOP 911 is a pooper scooper service that shines in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania. We shine because our technicians and our services are exemplary.

We don’t send a few teenagers in dirty t-shirts to clean up after Fido. POOP 911 sends a team of trained technicians, dressed in uniforms that bear our company name. Even their vehicle says they’re from POOP 911. We’ve trained our teams, so they shine in every aspect of our business. They’ll clean up Fido’s business, and they do so much more.

Our teams provide dog walking services. They sanitize and deodorize your lawn, so no one gets sick from the bacteria left behind when we scoop Fido’s poop. They also hose down patios and decks for those times Fido–well, missed–the grass.

Our POOP 911 teams make our company shine. You’ll find out exactly why when they clean up your yard.



POOP 911 in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania is a pooper scooper service that cleans yards on a schedule that best suits your needs. We’ll come on a recurring schedule if you’d like, with weekly, bi-weekly or monthly availability. We’ll even occur several times in the same week if you’ve fallen behind in scooping up Fido’s feces. We aim to meet or exceed your every expectation. We’ll do so by finding the perfect combination of services and a schedule that works for you.


    review rating 5  AMAZING! I literally dont need a reminder about anything! They just take care of everything and do an exceptional job! I really appreciate their hard work. It shows! ๐Ÿ™‚

    thumb Kerry Caprietta

    review rating 5  The best service company I've ever dealt with. The owner is awesome. She takes time with my two babies who desire her attention when she visits.

    thumb Y Anton

    review rating 4  Their staff is friendly and the service is amazing. However, they still miss large piles of poop. We have a large yard so understand that sometimes things get missed. But I had to do behind them 1 hour after they left and pick up missed piles.

    thumb Dawn Torrence

    review rating 5  Simply googled them. Awesome reviews and they are very professional. With work and life sometimes itโ€™s easier to just pay someone to do it. Very reasonable prices and prompt service. HIGHLY recommend

    thumb James King

Benefits of Hiring Us

Your Blue Bell, Pennsylvania POOP 911 is a pooper scooper service that gets how all-consumed you are with your current schedule. After all, you work, you have kids, you have outside activities with the kids, you cook, you clean and you have Fido. You even manage to squeeze in tai chi and monthly meetings with the garden club. That’s a lot to fit into one schedule. Fortunately, the kids don’t poop in the yard, so that only leaves Fido’s feces to clean up. Why not rely on POOP 911 to do that for you, so you can enjoy the kids and reward them for not soiling the yard? The garden club will love it when they don’t have to play hopscotch to avoid stepping in Fido’s feces, and the kids (and you) will like not stepping in the putrid piles and tracking it inside the house.


Service and Schedule Options

POOP 911 is a pooper scooper service in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania with the following schedule options:

  • Choose one of our regular schedules–weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.
  • Choose a one-time service. You’re under no further obligation to rebook with us. We don’t require our customers to sign pesky contracts or make long term commitments to us.
  • Choose a one-time service when you’re hosting a gathering in your backyard. You concentrate on the guest list, the food, and the decor. We’ll focus or ridding the yard of Fido’s feces.



Company History

POOP 911 is a pooper scooper service that shines in places like Blue Bell, Pennsylvania. We laud our teams for helping us shine. We’re number one rated in the number two business, and we have been since 2005! Let your yard shine like our reputation and see why we are recently rated as one of the top 25 companies to start.


Call POOP 911 today at 1-877-POOP911. Be sure to visit our website, too!