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Pooper Scooper Services

America's most trusted dog poop scooping services as low as $11.95 weekly*


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Residential Services

Consequently, if home is where the heart is, a backyard is where the fun is, but only if it’s clean and green.

Subsequently, we’re dog lovers by nature, our professional pooper scooper service technicians take their work seriously. In fact, dressed in uniform, we remove pet waste year-round and will even clean, disinfect, and deodorize decks, patios, and dog runs.

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Commercial Services

Apartment complexes, busy dog parks, and neighborhoods with HOAs need specialized clean-up services.

First thing to remember, POOP 911 pooper scooper service has solutions to keep everyone in your community happy. For that reason, our professional pet waste removal services are tailored to meet the needs of the unique spaces we service.

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Community & Park Services

From pet parades and charity events to birthday parties in the park, make sure your guests have a blast instead of watching where they step.

For this reason, our friendly crew will patrol your event from start to finish. As a result, in big cities, small towns, and the suburbs in between, we’ve got the equipment and know-how to sanitize your space.

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  • The Dirt
    Not all poop is created equal.
    While cows and horses may cause flowers to bloom, dog poop has the opposite effect, turning lush lawns brown and patchy.
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  • The Breakdown
    Left alone, it can take an entire year for dog poop to fully break down.
    Cleaned up, it can take just weeks for a dying lawn to spring back to life.
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  • Fur Real?!
    Failure to scoop in public areas can result in hefty fines — as high as $750 in some cities.
    To safeguard the environment, these laws may soon apply to private property as well.
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Pooper Scooping Process

Scooping Process

Our friendly service technicians get the job done quickly and thoroughly. Every inch of your outdoor space will be fresh, clean, and ready for footsteps.
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POOP 911 Pooper Scooper Service Guarantee

Poop 911 Guarantee

We want you to be satisfied — 100% of the time. Should we ever fall short, just let us know. We'll either refund your visit, or cover your next service FREE.
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  • I love this pooper scooper service and company! They’re timely, professional, and always do a great job cleaning my yard. It’s so nice to have my free time back. I would definitely recommend Poop 911. - Tiffany Barvo, Contact Us Review
  • I have two dogs and let's face it, this is the job that no one wants to do. They come by weekly and take care of the dirty business. It's reasonably priced and regular. I love it! - Jennifer C, Miami, FL, Yelp Reviews
  • This is the best $15 I've ever spent. I’m a busy mom with 2 boys under 2 and I have 2 dogs. They come weekly like pooper scooper service fairies. I never even notice they are in my yard. It’s a wonderful service and well worth it! - Emily Love, Northern Maryland, Google Reviews

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