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Do You Have A Dog Poop Problem in Your Neighborhood?

The number of dogs living in the United States as family pets have steadily increased since 2002, according to the Statistics Portal. In 2017, they report over 87 million dogs are keeping us company, providing protection, and contributing to our overall better well-being. 87 million dogs also mean there’s a lot of dog poop piling up. An estimated 10.6 billion tons annually!

Professional Pooper Scooper Service Technicians

Consider the number of dogs in your neighborhood and local area. Are all dog owners cleaning up their yards of dog waste regularly? Most likely, the answer to that question is, no. In fact, Live Science surveys reported that only about 60% of dog owners are picking up after their pets. At that percentage, it doesn’t take long for dog poop to pile up and create serious health problems. Another consideration is whether or not the proper disposal methods are being followed.

Picking up dog poop is a time-consuming, stinky, and down-right unpleasant task to handle. Professional dog pooper scooper companies, such as POOP 911, can manage, maintain, and provide a poop-free, safe environment for dog owners and non-dog owners alike. The professionals at POOP 911 know all about the dangers of dog poop and the disposal of the nasty pet waste. Professional dog waste management companies are the ideal solution to any neighborhood that has dog waste problem. While POOP 911 offers poop scooping services, we also offer community services which include clean-up stations. We want to ensure each community is clean and given all of the equipment needed to make your neighborhood poop-free.

Environmental Contamination

Dog waste that doesn’t get picked up in their owner’s yards, in the park, or even along daily walking routes, is a host for festering bacteria, parasites, and illness-causing organisms that can live in the soil for years and get into the air we breathe. Additionally, dog poop that’s not picked up can get washed away by rain and sprinklers and end up entering your local waterways. The EPA places dog poop in the same category as herbicides, pesticides, and toxic chemicals. The EPA estimates that two days worth of dog waste from 100 dogs can create enough bacteria to close down a bay and swimming areas within 20 miles!

Dog Poop vs. People

Have you ever witnessed a dog owner use the hose to “meltdown” dog waste into the grass? Humans coming in contact with dog poop bacteria in the soil, water, or air can experience cramps, diarrhea, intestinal illness, and kidney diseases. Below are some of the bacteria and diseases humans can get when coming in contact with dog poop:

  • Hookworms
  • Roundworms
  • Giardia Cysts
  • Campylobacter Bacteria
  • Salmonella Germs
  • Echinococcus Larvae

Knowing the dangers untouched dog poop brings, it would be beneficial for neighborhoods and local communities to enlist a professional dog waste disposal company to keep their yards clean and free of dog poop, as well as install clean-up stations throughout a community. Professional dog poop clean-up services can ensure your neighborhood yards are safe for you, your family, and your pets. Let the experts at POOP 911 scoop the dog poop and dispose of it for you!

Contact POOP 911 today to discuss scheduling options and start keeping your yard poop-free year-round.


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