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How To Potty Train Your Puppy

Congratulations! You decided to get a new puppy. In addition to all of the fun things, you will do with your new family member, knowing the best way to housebreak your pup is an integral part of creating a safe and happy home for everyone.

The breed of dog, the size, and trainability of the puppy are all factors to consider when deciding on the method to housebreak your pup. Some are very stubborn, some have smaller bladders than others, and some puppies get the concept of going outside very quickly. Consistency and patience on your part are critical to successfully choose how to potty train a new puppy.

Methods of Potty Training Your Puppy

Crate training means that you will be keeping your puppy in a crate when you are not available to supervise, are not outside with him or her, or it’s bedtime. Once your puppy knows the crate is a safe place and not for punishment, crate training can be an effective way to potty train your pup as puppies will not soil their living quarters, unless they are ill. Make it more comfortable on your dog by putting the crate next to your bed at night. Proximity to you or their owner, will provide added security as the puppy will be able to see and smell you.

Supervise them as you would a toddler. If you can confine your puppy to small areas with baby gates and keep them under your constant supervision, you might choose this method. You’ll be able to spend more time with your new pup, and it will give them the opportunity to learn how to communicate with you more quickly when they have to go during potty training.

Newspaper or pad training is a highly effective way to housebreak your pup when used in conjunction with the supervision method. Start with the area fully covered in paper, removing a few pieces every couple of days. Eventually, you’ll be down to one piece of paper that you can move to the door and then outside the door. Your pet will be looking for his newspaper and he’ll be going potty outdoors in no time!

How to Housebreak Your Dog

No matter which method you choose to housebreak your pup, there are a couple of easy steps to follow that can promote consistency, will provide a much-needed schedule for your new puppy and help housebreak your young dog successfully are listed here:

  1. Take the puppy outside. As soon as they wake up, after they eat and play, no matter what time of day or night it is.
  2. Bring your puppy to the same spot to go during training.
  3. Always go out the same door. Dogs are creatures of habit!
  4. Stay with a new puppy when outside for potty time.
  5. Use the same command phrase each time; go pee, poop, potty, or whatever you will name this activity, whether outside or on the paper.
  6. Scoop the poop as soon as possible, right away if you can.
  7. Regular feeding schedules help, too, as a puppy will have to go not too long after eating.
  8. Treat and repeat with special potty treats! Also toss in a “Good Puppy!” Positive reinforcements go a long way!

Staying calm, patient and consistent will be the key no matter what you are teaching your puppy. Your dog will look to follow your lead, so be the best you can be and provide positive direction. Make all of your training, a positive and fun experience for both of you!

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