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POOP 911 Weather Policy

Weather can play some cruel tricks at times. These tricks often result in getting in the way of things we need to do or accomplish that day. Snow, sleet, ice, torrential rain, thunder, lightning and more can upset, eliminate or discombobulate even the best-laid plans. Weather emergencies like tornadoes, hurricanes, and blizzards could even add the element of danger. So what happens when weather disrupts the schedule in place for scooping dog poop? Will your POOP 911 scoopers still come if the weather is terrible?

Whether or Not?

Which weather makes dog poop scoopers consider whether or not they’ll still arrive as scheduled to scoop the poop from your yard? Cold weather is never a concern unless an emergency is declared and meteorologists say it’s just unsafe to be outside. Your POOP 911 poop scooping professionals will dress in warm layers and proceed as planned. The same goes for hot weather. This type of forecast typically results in technicians coming out early in the day before the heat becomes intense. In most cases, they’ll be there Monday through Friday from sunup to sundown, except for rare occasions. The kind of weather that will prevent them from coming includes some of those aforementioned dangerous elements like tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards, icy roads, freezing rain, flooding downpours, lightning storms and other forms of extreme weather.


If any of these severe weather conditions prevails, how will customers know their dog’s poop won’t get scooped? This part is simple. Anyone with a service order in place will receive either an email or a phone call from POOP 911. If you have any concerns at all, you may always call the company for verification. Otherwise, keep your phone handy and check your email from time to time.

Rescheduling Visits

Will your POOP 911 technician reschedule service for later in the same week, in the event of one of these weather emergencies? In many cases, yes, that’s what happens. You’ll receive an email about a different day for your typical week of service. However, depending on how many days the weather condition continues as well as the number of people affected, rescheduling might not be a viable option. In these cases, your service will resume the following week as scheduled.

Satisfaction Guaranteed Service

Whether the weather impacts your dog poop scooping service or not, there is one thing that’s a guarantee. No matter where your POOP 911 technicians reside, you are entitled to a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not happy with your service for any reason at all, you won’t receive a charge for the day in question.

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