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Why do dogs eat poop? Hungry dog wearing a bib and licking his lips.

Why Do Dogs Eat Poop?

Why do dogs eat poop? Cute little dog wearing a bib and staring at camera.

Why do dogs eat poop? This is a question that pet families have been asking for ages. Although we can’t give you insight into the thought process behind your doggy’s decision that a pile of poop appears appetizing, we can list several reasons as well as some prevention techniques. Coprophagia, a fancy term for eating poop, is an unfortunate habit that your pup picks up for both physiological and behavioral reasons. Don’t panic if your dog has decided that pet waste is a delicacy – educate yourself on the following reasons and start discouraging this habit today!

Why do dogs eat poop? #1 Stress

Doggies can become increasingly stressed for a variety of reasons, including excess confinement and isolation. Studies indicate that when dogs feel isolated or have spent too much time in a small space, they react anxiously. This same anxiety can be seen in dogs that suffer harsh punishment methods while being house trained; eating poop eliminates evidence during house training difficulties. In other cases, the stress is associated with separation anxiety and a lack of activity. Pay attention to the number of hours your dog spends alone or confined. Keep in mind that prolonged confinement or lack of exercise can lead to aggression and other behavioral changes that worsen over time. Playtime, increased bonding time, and less confinement is your best friend in the war against poop eating.

Why do dogs eat poop? #2: Attention

Your doggy can tell which behaviors get a rise out of you and which ones you ignore entirely. With this in mind, once your dog eats poop in front of you and receives a reaction, your pup will conclude that this behavior is a way to secure your attention. Although it may be difficult to react calmly, it is best to avoid overreacting. Your pup is less likely to repeat an unwanted action once he realizes he is not receiving the attention he seeks. Next time he’s caught in the act, calmly call his name and discourage the behavior without force or yelling. The less you react, the less your dog will find satisfaction in taboo or unwanted behaviors.

Why do dogs eat poop? #3: Association

Let’s say that your doggy bowl is close to where your dog chooses to eliminate, and this will form an association between food and poop. The Smell is a strong sense and perhaps the most potent sense associated with memory! Even though this behavior disgusts humans, a dog may not understand that mealtime and poop time are not affiliated with each other in any way. Similarly, if a dog or puppy sniffs pet waste on his mommy’s breath, he will become confused and form a bad habit by association. Keep the doggy bowl inside and the eliminating outside!

#4: Medical Conditions

Coprophagia can also be associated with disease of the intestines, as well as other parts of the body. If your dog suddenly picks up this undesirable habit, it may be found alongside other symptoms such as weight loss, lethargy, discomfort, gastrointestinal symptoms, and other behavioral changes. In this case, it’s highly recommended that you set up an appointment with the veterinarian to rule out any serious health concerns and begin the necessary treatment.

While the act of eating poop itself won’t harm your dog, the feces he ingests can cause illness. It’s not the poop eating; it’s what the poop contained that may cause stomach discomfort, infection, or other health issues to develop. Nevertheless, it’s essential to deter your pup from any potentially harmful behavior, this can be done through redirecting attention or encouraging extra training.

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