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Dog Poop Attracts Rodents

Picking up after your dog is important, but what is the best way to do it? Cleaning up your dog’s poop and putting it in your trash bin is a good start, but it isn’t even the best solution. It is important to dispose of dog waste the proper way, as it can bring lots of harm. Dog poop isn’t just bad for your lawn, it also attracts some unwanted guests. While flies come to the minds of many, not many people realize that rats are attracted to dog poop. If your pet’s waste isn’t disposed of properly, rodents may begin appearing.

Dog Poop Isn’t Fertilizer

First, let’s address how dog poop is bad for your lawn. The experts at Vetstreet.com explain that the intense levels of nitrogen in your dog’s urine and poop can cause your yard to die. It’s too much for your grass to handle, which is why cleaning up your pet’s poop as soon as possible is very important to both your lawn’s health and yours. Not only does dog poop contain harmful bacteria, but it can leave behind a residue that can linger in the soil for years, causing harm to the environment. Furthermore, any waste that is washed away by rain, sprinklers, or other means may affect drinking water and shellfish.

Rodents Can Come Crawling

Not only does dog poop in your yard affect your lawn and your health, but it brings unwanted rodents to your property. Yes, rats and mice eat your dog’s poop. According to Chewy, dog poop is a primary food source for rats and mice. If that isn’t bad enough, it’s also important to remember that rats and mice can find their way into just about anything. Therefore, your trash bins aren’t safe from rodents, either. According to Vector Control, garbage exposed to rodents causes the population of rats to grow which means an increase of harmful diseases and bacteria, bringing danger to the community.

Keep Pests Away

Since dog poop seems to be harmful no matter where it is and it attracts rodents, what is the best way to dispose of your dog’s poop? Cleaning up your pet’s waste, disposing of your trash immediately and keeping dog poop in a garbage can that is rodent proof are possible solutions to the problem at hand. If that seems like a lot of work to go through to keep you and your family safe, then consider a well trained, professional, and affordable dog poop clean up service like POOP 911. We not only remove the filthy dog poop in your yard, but we’ll sanitize your yard with pet-friendly products, so you know you’re doing your part to keep your dog and the environment safe. Furthermore, by having POOP 911 clean up your dog’s poop, rodents won’t get to it, either. Here at POOP 911, we like to keep you informed, and we love helping pet owners keep their yards clean, safe, and rodent free. Look no further than POOP 911 for all your dog poop facts and clean up needs.

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