Great News for Bagdad, FL: POOP 911 is the Pooper Scooper Service Company Giving Pet Owners Their Free Time Back

Getting a pooper scooper service company to come to clean Bagdad, FL lawns can be tricky, but POOP 911 offers easy solutions! Don’t even think about contracts or upfront fees; we don’t force our customers to do because these things we want to clean, not have you jump through a thousand hoops. Our prices make things stress-free, too, because all you have to do is skip pizza night and you can have a spotless outdoor space! The cost is that affordable! Choose a recurring service plan that works for you weekly or monthly, and the first service will be on us!

Why POOP 911?

  • First Service is Free!
  • Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed!
  • No Contract, No Commitment, Cancel at Any Time!
  • Owner Operated by Pet Parents for Pet Parents
  • Over 17 years of Pooper Scooper Service Experience
  • A weekly plan to fit your schedule

What should you Expect?

  • Picture of Secured Gate
  • Uniformed Technicians
  • Client Portal
  • Completed Job Message
  • On Way Message
  • Background Checked Technicians
  • Marked Vehicles
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • A footloose and worry-free yard

POOP 911 has never been known as a shady pooper scooper service company in Bagdad, FL, as we are open and honest about everything we provide; our starting price is only $11.95!

Servicing the following zip codes and all the surrounding areas: 32583, 32530

Benefits of Hiring Us

POOP 911 believes that with a pooper scooper service company like our location of Bagdad, FL, you can live a stress-free life! No more late nights trying your best to clean up everything you see only to miss a few turds, and no more feeling down when your friends leave the party early due to the bad smells overpowering your lawn. Now you can focus on getting other tasks done and still have enough time to sit back and enjoy a film with your family! Set up a routine plan once a week or monthly, and we’ll throw in a free first cleanup!

Service and Schedule Options

Get in touch with our super convenient pooper scooper service company and find out what POOP 911 is doing in Bagdad, FL! Some of what we offer are things like:

  • Regular Service Schedule
    • Weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly
    • FREE first cleanup with a recurring schedule
  • Parties & Special Events
  • One Time Cleanings
  • Dog Walks
  • Park Cleanings

POOP 911 can be the best-case scenario for your yard.

Company History

POOP 911 started its adventurous pooper scooper service company in Bagdad, FL, during 2005. Our reputation has always been as flawless as your neighbor’s yard that we cleaned last week. Even their dogs would recommend us!

Contact us at 1-877-POOP-911 and tell us your story! We will meet every poop removal need.