POOP 911 in Bedford, New Hampshire: Locals Welcome New Pet Waste Removal Service

POOP 911 in Bedford, New Hampshire, recently received a warm welcome for its new pet waste removal service. Locals wasted no time signing up for their services. Now, POOP 911 technicians clean up their dog’s poop and provide them with a variety of additional options, as well.

The POOP 911 that’s near me does an excellent job cleaning up our yard. Not only is it void of dog feces, but the grass is starting to grow greener, too. Dog feces and urine kill the grass, leaving dry brown patches in its place. Routine POOP 911 cleanups can help reverse the damage and allow the grass to grow greener, so our team comes every week. Our technicians scoop, clean, hose, sanitize and deodorize, and more.  My name is Fido, and I’m a fierce French Bulldog. POOP 911 does an awesome job cleaning up my feces.

Along with scooping up fetid piles of dog feces, POOP 911 technicians hose down places I’ve fouled with my feces, like our patio and our deck, and my dog run, too. POOP 911 even sends a technician inside our home to clean out Fiona’s kitty litter box. They also feed Fiona and me when Fred and Frances–they’re our pet parents–are away on a business trip.

POOP 911 cannot wait for you to experience one of their epic and fabulous FREE first cleanups. They ask just one thing of you in return–to take on one of the company’s convenient recurring service schedules. There’s no contract for you to sign, and you’re free to cancel at any time!


Here at your Bedford, New Hampshire POOP 911, their pet waste removal technicians are ready and armed to provide you with an excellent FREE first cleanup. You’ll admire their results, and you’ll be even happier that you signed up for one of POOP 911’s recurring service schedules. You’ll be able to admire your team’s quality work when they return to your home weekly, bi-weekly, or every other week!

Since there’s been a POOP 911 near me, our family realized that for years we had missed out on outside family fun, as there were always foul piles of fresh dog feces all over the lawn. Hey, guys! I’m a dog. Do you have a better idea? Now, though, our family spends lots of quality time together outdoors, thanks to POOP 911.


    5 star review  This is a time saver and helps keep my lawn looking great! The company is honest and trustworthy! You will love this little luxury!!

    thumb Leticia Letty Turkett

    5 star review  Service had always been great. There was 1 time issue but when I called the owner, the issue was addressed and resolved. I'm happy to have Poop 911 service my yard.

    thumb Eva LaBadie

    5 star review  The best service company I've ever dealt with. The owner is awesome. She takes time with my two babies who desire her attention when she visits.

    thumb Y Anton

    5 star review  POOP 911 provides consistent and great service. The one thing I liked was their willingness to come on the day of the week that best suited us. I will continue to do business with them for the foreseeable future.

    thumb Chris Swartz

Benefits of Hiring Us

POOP 911 in Bedford, New Hampshire, trains its pet waste removal technicians to explain the reasons behind every service they provide. Customers appreciate knowing the ins and outs of all the company’s options.

The POOP 911 technicians near me explained the importance of sanitizing and deodorizing our lawn right away. When we first met them, during our FREE first cleanup, they told us this was the only way to assure harmful bacteria on our lawn wouldn’t make members of the household–including me–very sick.

If you want to make sure no one who plays, relaxes, gardens, or plays with the dog in your yard gets sick from the bacteria left behind when my feces gets scooped, your POOP 911 technicians must sanitize and deodorize your lawn. It’s a safe, effective procedure that benefits the people and pets in your household.


Service and Schedule Options

POOP 911 in Bedford, New Hampshire, hopes our customers consider the following when scheduling with our pet waste removal service:

  • FREE First Cleanup With Recurring Service Scheduled
  • Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Every Other Week Recurrences
  • Sanitizing and Deodorizing Lawns
  • Dog Walking, Litter Box Cleaning
  • Residential, Municipal, HOA, Commercial Cleanups


Company History

POOP 911 in Bedford, New Hampshire, recently received a warm welcome when we arrived with our pet waste removal service. And we’re accustomed to warm hospitality when we’ve come to cities nationwide, where we’ve opened up franchises over the past 15 years. Our POOP 911 customers continue with giving us warm welcomes in our 5-star Google reviews. Thank you!

Speak with a POOP 911 representative at 1-877-POOP-911, and check us out online, too. Call us ASAP at POOP 911 to schedule your FREE first cleanup!