Carroll, NH Gets New POOP 911 Dog Poop Clean Up Service

POOP 911 is now in Carroll, NH, since opening its new dog poop clean up service. Pet owners love the idea of a technician scooping up their dog’s poo, and they’re impressed with the additional options POOP 911 provides, also.

The POOP 911 that’s near me is fantastic at both cleaning up our yard and breathing new life into our lawn. Dog feces and urine kill the grass, making continual POOP 911 cleanups necessary to help reverse some of the damage. Our team comes once every week, and our technicians provide services like scooping, cleaning, hosing, sanitizing and deodorizing, and lots more. My name is Ferdinand, and my friends say I’m a fierce French Bulldog. POOP 911 cleans up my feces.

Along with scooping up fetid piles of dog feces, POOP 911 technicians hose down places I foul with my feces, like our patio and our deck, as well as my dog run. POOP 911 even sends a cat-friendly technician inside our home to clean out Fiona’s kitty litter box. They also feed Fiona and me when our pet parents are away on their vacation.

POOP 911 is eager for you to enjoy one of their fabulous FREE first cleanups. All they ask from you in return is to assume one of the company’s comfortable recurring service schedules. POOP 911 doesn’t ask anyone to sign a contract, and you may cancel the service whenever you choose!


Your Carroll, NH POOP 911, expects its dog poop clean up service technicians to give their all when providing FREE first cleanups. You’ll see what that means when you review the fruits of their labors. Your yard will take on a whole new kind of clean–one you likely haven’t seen since you adopted me! Better still, you’ll experience this level of clean again since you took on one of POOP 911’s recurring service schedules. Your team will be back–weekly, bi-weekly, or every other week–depending on the cleanup interval, you selected.

Since there’s been a POOP 911 near me in Carroll, our family members and friends recounted the times we missed out on outdoor fun because of my fetid piles of dog feces. These days we’re making up for it, though, thanks to POOP 911.


    5 star review  Couldn't be happier after the initial cleaning. Was really surprised at how well the sanitizer worked after just one application. I would recommend in a heartbeat and have signed up for weekly service. With 3 large dogs and a not so large back yard, this makes my doggies life's all the better!

    thumb Christy Eastman

    5 star review  Poop 911 did an awesome job of keeping my yard poop-free. I have two 100+ pound dogs who definitely make a mess of things. Poop 911 was a huge help! They're very reliable and worth every penny!

    thumb Karian Cox

    4 star review  Their staff is friendly and the service is amazing. However, they still miss large piles of poop. We have a large yard so understand that sometimes things get missed. But I had to do behind them 1 hour after they left and pick up missed piles.

    thumb Dawn Torrence

    5 star review  I have had this service since 2009. They are great and I was surprised years ago that they knew the dogs names and that they had a Facebook page with pictures of my dog on their photos page. All service employees have always been polite. I highly recommend this service!

    thumb Dani Sorrenson

Benefits of Hiring Us

POOP 911 in Carroll, NH, wants its dog poop clean up technicians to serve customers to the best of their abilities and to inform them about some of the services they might not be familiar with–like our dog walking and litter box cleaning services. POOP 911 likes offering customers these convenient pet-related options.

The POOP 911 near me cleans our yard weekly. Every week, one of their technicians comes inside to clean the cat’s litter box. My pet parents appreciate washing their hands of yet another dirty job!

POOP 911 takes me on fantastic walks every week. My pet parents work late on Wednesdays, and by the time they get home, they don’t feel like taking a hike with me. So, every Wednesday, a POOP 911 technician takes me on a long, brisk walk. I love it!

We first encountered POOP 911 when they provided our FREE first cleanup. These days, we make good use of many of the company’s stellar services.


Service and Schedule Options

POOP 911 in Carroll, NH, hopes you might consider the following when scheduling with our dog poop clean up service:

  • FREE First Cleanup With Recurring Service Scheduled
  • Recurring Intervals: Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Every Other Week
  • Sanitizing and Deodorizing Lawns
  • Dog Walking, Litter Box Cleaning
  • Residential, Municipal, HOA, Commercial Cleanups


Company History

POOP 911 in Carroll, NH, opened its dog poop clean up service recently, just as we did in cities all over the nation, where we helped open new franchises over the past 15 years. Our POOP 911 customers thank us profusely in our 5-star Google reviews. Why not check out a few?

Speak with a POOP 911 representative at 1-877-POOP-911, and see what’s happening on our website, too. Call us ASAP at POOP 911 to schedule your FREE first cleanup!