POOP 911 Enlightens El Jobean, Florida Pet Owners With Dog Poop Clean Up Service

POOP 911 is enlightening pet owners in El Jobean, Florida, with their dog poop clean up service. Customers appreciate not spending hours every week scooping up their dog’s poop. I love having POOP 911 near me, as they scoop up my poop, too. My name is Penny, and I’m of the canine persuasion.

POOP 911 does lots of other things besides scoop poop, also, like sanitizing and deodorizing lawns. They also hose off places plagued by my poop, like the deck, the patio, and my disgusting dog run.

John and Jane especially appreciate POOP 911’s dog walking service and doggie playtime feature. John and Jane are my pet parents, and by the time they get home from work each night, they’re way too tired to take me out for a walk. POOP 911’s services assure them I’m getting plenty of exercise until they put their walking shoes on Saturday morning.

POOP 911 goes inside customer’s homes with some of their services, also. In my house, they scoop up Penelope’s kitty litter box. They also feed Penelope and me when John and Jane go out of town.

POOP 911 has a FREE first cleanup for you, and your only requirement is to assume one of their recurring service schedules. There’s no contract that you have to sign, and you can cancel at any time!


POOP 911 in El Jobean, Florida, assures their dog poop clean up customers that their technicians will do a marvelous job on their FREE first cleanup. The yard will be cleaner than it’s been in ages and will smell much better, also. The neighbors here on the cul-de-sac near me are calling POOP 911 today to sign up for their FREE first cleanup since seeing how great John and Jane’s yard looks.

POOP 911 asks its customers to select how frequently they want their yard cleaned, as per their recurring service schedule. They may choose from weekly, bi-weekly, or every other week options.


    review rating 5  Poop 911 is the best! They are professional and remember to close and lock the gates. They are super handy especially with 2 dogs, a small yard and everything else going on. It is some of the best money I spend.

    thumb Corrie Watson

    review rating 5  Service had always been great. There was 1 time issue but when I called the owner, the issue was addressed and resolved. I'm happy to have Poop 911 service my yard.

    thumb Eva LaBadie

    review rating 5  AMAZING! I literally dont need a reminder about anything! They just take care of everything and do an exceptional job! I really appreciate their hard work. It shows! 🙂

    thumb Kerry Caprietta

    review rating 5  100% recommend!! Super easy! Just filled out what I needed online, got a quote and set up pickup all without have to call in and wait for a quote. You also don’t pay until after the service is done each time. Got a call day of to say they were 5 mins away (left my dogs inside since I was at work) and left a cute sticky note on the sliding door to let me know they were there! Perfect for the antisocial in me :) bonus: made sure to close the side gate completely! Yes, it’s happened before by others. Imagine my surprise when my dog knocked on my front door haha

    thumb Genesis Barron

Benefits of Hiring Us

Your El Jobean, Florida POOP 911 knows its dog poop clean up service is needed all over town. There’s poop everywhere near me. It’s fouling both the look of the town as well as the air!

When John and Jane take me walking through town, they’re responsible. They bring a bag to pick up my poop. I wish all pet parents did this, but alas, they let their dogs poop wherever they want–and then they leave it there! There’s poop in front of the grocery store, by the coffee shop, and on the lawn at Great Aunt Mildred’s retirement condo. What can El Jobean do?

They can call POOP 911. They don’t solely clean yards at customer’s homes, as they’ll do during your FREE first cleanup. They clean HOA, municipal, and commercial properties, too. Do you have someplace POOP 911 should clean for you?

Service and Schedule Options

POOP 911 in El Jobean, Florida, makes it easy to schedule with our dog poop clean up service. Check out the following before you do:

  • FREE First Cleanup With Recurring Service Scheduled
  • Convenient Recurring Options: Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Every Other Week
  • Sanitizing and Deodorizing Lawns
  • Litter Box Cleaning
  • Call to Book With POOP 911
  • Book POOP 911’s Services Via Our Website


Company History

POOP 911 has enlightened El Jobean, Florida dog owners, with our dog poop clean up service, as we’ve done for communities across the country since 2005. Once customers are enlightened to the health dangers of scooping up poop, they appreciate having the professionals take charge. They mention this in our 5-star Google reviews.

Speak with a POOP 911 representative at 1-877-POOP-911, and be sure to visit our website, too. Call us right away at POOP 911 to set up your FREE first cleanup!