POOP 911 Gains Stellar Reputation in Hampstead, NC, Thanks to Pet Waste Removal Service

POOP 911 hasn’t been in Hampstead, NC, very long, but has already gained a stellar reputation there, thanks to their pet waste removal service. Pet owners appreciate how thoroughly POOP 911 not only scoops up their dog’s poop but hauls it away, too. And they enjoy the additional services POOP 911 offers, as well.

I like knowing there’s a POOP 911 near me, as their technicians do an excellent job cleaning up our yard. My pet parents, Ed and Alma, appreciate POOP 911’s dog walking service. They’re older folks, and can’t always take me on long, fast-paced walks. With POOP 911 helping us, they don’t have to. I’m Dexter, by the way, and I’m a debonnaire dog. POOP 911 scoops up my deuce.

Besides scooping deuce, POOP 911 sanitizes and deodorizes our lawn. POOP 911 technicians also hose down places dirtied by my deuce, like the deck, the patio, and my dog run. Dogs runs dragged through fresh deuce tend to deteriorate quickly. POOP 911’s hosings help delay the deterioration!

POOP 911 technicians take a few select services inside of customer’s homes. At our house, they clean out Didi’s kitty litter box. That’s no job for the faint of heart. You should see and smell what that cat does in that box! POOP 911 technicians deserve rewards for completing this task. The technicians also feed Didi and me when Ed and Alma go up north to visit their daughter.

POOP 911 has a FREE first cleanup to give you, and the only thing they request of their customers is to assume one of their convenient recurring service schedules. There’s nothing you have to sign, and you may cancel at any time!

POOP 911 in Hampstead, NC, knows their pet waste removal service will do a phenomenal job on your FREE first cleanup. You’ll marvel at how refreshingly clean your whole yard will look, and you’ll even be able to make it from your car to your front door without the fear of stepping into a fresh pile of doggie deuce! But don’t get used to it. It won’t be long before the deuce drops again. It’s a dog thing. At least you have POOP 911!

The people who own the duplex near me saw how great Ed and Alma’s yard looked following their FREE first cleanup, and they wanted one of their own. After a quick call to POOP 911, they’re now eagerly awaiting the arrival for their POOP 911 team.

POOP 911 wants customers to decide how frequently they want their yard cleaned, as per their recurring service schedule. POOP 911 teams provide cleanups weekly, bi-weekly, or every other week.


    review rating 5  The best service company I've ever dealt with. The owner is awesome. She takes time with my two babies who desire her attention when she visits.

    thumb Y Anton

    review rating 5  Couldn't be happier after the initial cleaning. Was really surprised at how well the sanitizer worked after just one application. I would recommend in a heartbeat and have signed up for weekly service. With 3 large dogs and a not so large back yard, this makes my doggies life's all the better!

    thumb Christy Eastman

    review rating 5  Poop 911’s technicians are courteous, professional, reliable, and thorough! We appreciate all of you!

    thumb Melanie Baker

    review rating 5  After the first visit we were extremely happy. We want to try the yard deodorizer! Pups love their clean yard.

    thumb Ashley Flournoy

Benefits of Hiring Us

Your Hampstead, NC POOP 911, hires only the best individuals to serve as pet waste removal technicians. Each applicant gets screened, so POOP 911 knows they have a good work record, a hard work ethic, and integrity. Everyone considered by POOP 911 is an avid dog lover, too.

I love having the POOP 911 technicians near me, as I can feel the love. They scratch my belly when they arrive, and they toss the ball or a stick to me, too.

I couldn’t get loose on POOP 911’s watch even if I wanted to–which I don’t. I’m perfectly happy here at my home with Ed and Alma. But POOP 911 guards the gate as though I were planning my great escape. The technicians are mindful of latching the gate every time one of them enters or exits our yard.

You’ll love the POOP 911 technicians when they come to provide your FREE first cleanup. If you don’t deem yourself a good judge of character, ask your dog. We know good people. We can smell them the minute they exit their POOP 911 vehicle!



Service and Schedule Options

POOP 911 in Hampstead, NC, asks customers to consider the following options ahead of booking with our pet waste removal service:

  • FREE First Cleanup With Recurring Service Scheduled
  • Convenient Recurring Options Include Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Every Other Week
  • Residential, HOA, Commercial, Municipal Cleanups
  • Sanitizing and Deodorizing Lawns
  • Litter Box Cleaning, Dog Walking
  • Call to Schedule With POOP 911 or Book Via Our Website


Company History

POOP 911 gained a stellar reputation shortly after arriving in Hampstead, NC, with our pet waste removal service, as we’ve gained one in all the cities we’ve service since 2005. Customers like hearing about POOP 911’s longevity. It tells them we’re a company to be trusted. They mention that trust in our 5-star Google reviews.

Contact POOP 911 at 1-877-POOP-911, and read up about our services and technicians on our website, too. Call us ASAP at POOP 911 to set up your FREE first cleanup!