POOP 911’s Dog Poop Clean Up in Kingston, TN Is Here to Make Your Yard Look Pristine

When you are struggling with your tight schedule and need a breather from poop scooping in your yard, call experts in Kingston, TN. This is a dirty chore that needs to be done every week to keep your backyard smelling fresh. However, it just isn’t possible when you run a new business that needs more attention than your dog’s doo-doo. Well, we can help.

POOP 911 offers the much-desired dog poop clean up in Kingston, TN to busy folks like you. We are here to make lives easier by disinfecting and deodorizing yards that are heavily pooped. We come to your rescue when you feel overwhelmed with too many tasks to juggle in a day.

Servicing the following zip codes and all the surrounding areas: 37763, 37082

Benefits of Hiring Us

Efficient dog poop clean up by POOP 911 in Kingston, TN is aimed to scoop every bit of poo left behind by your pooch in the yard. As a dependable service, we strive to save you from this turdy chore. Our services not only include poop scooping, but also the removal of pet waste from your property and trash cans. What we leave behind is a fresh and odor-free lawn where you can relax after a taxing day.

Service and Schedule Options

With some of POOP 911’s easy scheduling options, you can plan our dog poop clean up in Kingston, TN in following ways:

  • Recurring schedules to transform a pooped yard into a pristine lawn.
  • One-time cleanings.
  • Special-cleanings for parties.


Company History

POOP 911’s dog poop clean up in Kingston, TN has been ensuring spotless yards to every dog owner for past 13 years. We know our business and have mastered it in all these years.

So, don’t wait and call POOP 911 for Kingston, TN dog poop clean up today!