POOP 911 is The Most Excellent Pet Waste Cleanup in Liberty, SC

Dealing with your pup’s outdoor habits can be daunting, especially when you’re exhausted after the whole day’s work, so call POOP 911 pet waste cleanup near me in Liberty, SC. We are the cleaning pros having the resources and expertise to leave behind a poop-free backyard after every weekly or bi-weekly service. Sign up for your recurring schedule and POOP 911 will give you a free first cleanup!

POOP 911 near me offers you expert pet waste cleanup services in Liberty, SC, and our starting price is only $11.95!

Servicing the following zip codes and all the surrounding areas: 29657, 29074

Benefits of Hiring Us

With POOP 911’s amazing pet waste cleanup near me in Liberty, SC, having a backyard free from dog poop and stench is possible. We offer the most convenient waste removal services, weekly or bi-weekly, that are managed by our cleaning pros. Believe us; we take your dog’s poopy business as seriously as we take ours. Just give us a call to sign up for your recurring schedule and we will even give you a free first cleanup.

Service and Schedule Options

POOP 911 near me in Liberty, SC has pet waste cleanup options all over the place!

  • Free First Service with a Recurring Schedule
  • Regular Service Schedule
    • Weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly
  • Parties & Special Events
    • Patio Cleaning
    • Yard Deodorizing
  • Food and Water Refills
  • Doggie Playtime and Dog Walking

POOP 911 near me, the Liberty, SC pet waste cleanup, makes scheduling super easy and convenient.

Company History

For more than fifteen years, POOP 911 near me has been operating as a pet waste cleanup business in Liberty, SC to relieve dog owners of dirty work. We are consistently offering our comprehensive solutions to communities across this region.
Don’t wait any longer to set up a recurring schedule and receive your free first service. Just call 1-877-POOP-911 or go online.