POOP 911 in Lincoln, NH: Great North Woods Region Lauds Pooper Scooper Service

POOP 911 in Lincoln, NH, is commonly lauded by pet owners in NH’s Great North Woods region, for its excellent pooper scooper service. Locals love the optimal service they receive as pet owners, and they appreciate handing over all sorts of dirty jobs to the pros.

The POOP 911 that’s near me is a group of pet waste experts who provide a wealth of options for pet owners. Technicians clean our yard with great care, and they even protect the lawn. Dog deuce kills grass, mean it’s imperative to schedule ongoing POOP 911 services as a means of reversing some damage. Our POOP 911 team arrives on Monday afternoons every week, and our technicians get busy cleaning, hosing, scooping, sanitizing and deodorizing, and so much more. My name is Donovan–Donovan the Dog. My friends say I’m a dapper, Doberman. POOP 911 scoops up my deuce.

Besides cleaning up disgusting piles of dog deuce, POOP 911 technicians hose down areas I’ve dirtied with my deuce, like our deck and our patio, along with my dog run. POOP 911 even sends a feline-focused technician inside our home to clean out Delaney’s litter box. They also feed Delaney and me when Dick and Doreen–they’re our pet parents–are doing double-duty on the job all weekend long.

POOP 911 is adamant that everyone must enjoy one of their fabulous FREE first cleanups. All the company requires of you in return is to take on a recurring service schedule. POOP 911 never asks customers to sign on dotted lines, and you can cancel your service at any time!


Your Lincoln, NH POOP 911, expects its pooper scooper service technicians to provide you with a FREE first cleanup unlike any other. You’ll delight in the absence of dog deuce on the lawn, and you’ll appreciate the pristine cleanliness. Even better, you’ll get to experience this all again since you signed up for a POOP 911 recurring service schedule. Your team of technicians will return on a weekly, bi-weekly, or every other week basis–and create a clean palette again! The FREE first cleanup the POOP 911 near me provided at our home was the beginning of a beautiful relationship, based on reliability, recurrence, and respect!



    5 star review  Service had always been great. There was 1 time issue but when I called the owner, the issue was addressed and resolved. I'm happy to have Poop 911 service my yard.

    thumb Eva LaBadie

    5 star review  Really nice upon the first phone call to enroll. And great service. Highly recommend.

    thumb Cyndy Hanna

    5 star review  Simply googled them. Awesome reviews and they are very professional. With work and life sometimes it’s easier to just pay someone to do it. Very reasonable prices and prompt service. HIGHLY recommend

    thumb James King

    4 star review  They did a fantastic job! I had 2 year's worth of mess to deal with, moving into a new home and Poop911 made is look like there had never been a dog there! The woman I booked the appointment with was a gem to work with. The man that did the job, called when he was on his way and left me a note on the back door letting me know he had been there. The only reason I did not give 5 stars is because it was a couple of weeks before they could get to me. I was hoping for faster service. Top notch people to deal with!

    thumb Pnsw W

Benefits of Hiring Us

POOP 911 in Lincoln, NH, wants its pooper scooper service customers to know why they believe in sanitizing and deodorizing lawns. The technicians near me explained this in great detail when they provided our FREE first cleanup.

When a POOP 911 technician scoops up your dog’s deuce–or mine, as the case may be–bacteria remain on the lawn. This kind of bacteria can cause illnesses like giardia and salmonella. People and their beloved pets are at risk of getting very sick.

However, when a POOP 911 technician sanitizes and deodorizes the lawn, they kill the bacteria and eliminate any of its residual odor. POOP 911 prides itself on giving its customers a safe, clean outdoor space the entire household can enjoy!


Service and Schedule Options

POOP 911 in Lincoln, NH, asks our pooper scooper service customers to check out these options when scheduling with us:

  • FREE First Cleanup With Recurring Service Scheduled
  • Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Every Other Week Recurring Intervals
  • Sanitizing and Deodorizing Lawns
  • Litter Box Cleaning, Dog Walking
  • Residential, Commercial, HOA, Municipal Cleanups


Company History

POOP 911 in Lincoln, NH, loves serving customers in the Great North Woods region of the Granite State with our pooper scooper service, and we appreciate the way our customers sing our praises. Customers nationwide have sung POOP 911’s praises throughout the past 15 years for being the best company in the business of #2!. Sometimes they sing them in our 5-star Google reviews!

Contact POOP 911 at 1-877-POOP-911, and be sure to visit us online, too. Call us ASAP at POOP 911 to schedule your FREE first cleanup!