POOP 911 Louisville, Tennessee pet waste removal will take care of the dirty work!

We want you to have the cleanest and best-looking yard in the neighborhood! By having your yard on a regular scooping schedule, you will no longer need to worry about picking up the poop. Your yard will be kept clean, so you can enjoy relaxing in it.


Louisville, Tennessee is a terrific place to live and POOP 911 pet waste removal has an excellent assortment of services. We take care of our customers with scoopings, pet walking, yard deodorizing, patio hose off, and more. Our goal is to provide you with the best service options to take care of you!

Servicing the following zip codes and all the surrounding areas: 37777

Benefits of Hiring Us

Have a picnic in your yard after Louisville, Tennessee POOP 911 pet waste removal has cleaned it. Our team will make sure that the poop has been removed from every inch of your yard. With a yard this clean you can do any activity you want to in it.

Service and Schedule Options

Louisville, Tennessee POOP 911 pet waste removal has the following service options to choose from:

  • Pet walking: You pick the walking duration that fits your pets needs.
  • Repeating scooping service: Enjoy having your yard cleaned for you on a repeating schedule.
  • Patio hose off: All dirt is removed from the patio.
  • Deodorizer: Our spray smells great and removes all odors from the yard.

Company History

Since 2005 Louisville, Tennessee POOP 911 pet waste removal has taken care of our customers and their properties. We never leave any waste behind and make sure your yard is spotless before we leave!

Get your thorough cleanings started today by calling now!