POOP 911 in Madbury, NH, Trains Pooper Scooper Service Company Technicians to Provide Many Options

POOP 911 in Madbury, NH, is popular among pet owners in the region, as they train their pooper scooper service company technicians to provide many pet-related options. These technicians will scoop up your dog’s poo, and they offer a wide range of additional essential options, as well.

The POOP 911 near me doesn’t just clean our yard, but they also prevent our lawn from dying. Dog feces and urine kill the grass, making it imperative to schedule routine POOP 911 cleanups to help reverse some of that damage. Our POOP 911 comes every Wednesday, and our technicians get busy right away, providing services like cleaning, scooping, hosing, sanitizing and deodorizing, and more. My name is Fido, and my furry friends say I’m a fierce French Bulldog. POOP 911 cleans up my feces.

Besides scooping up fetid piles of dog feces, POOP 911 technicians hose down those spots I’ve fouled with my feces, like our patio and our deck, as well as my dog run. POOP 911 even sends a feline-friendly technician in our home to clean out Fiona’s litter box. They also keep Fiona and me well-fed when Frank and Fern–our pet parents–are enjoying their foray into the forest for some free-range foraging. Yes, it’s a thing.

POOP 911 is adamant that everyone has to enjoy one of their fabulous FREE first cleanups. All the company asks of you in return is that you take on a recurring service schedule. POOP 911 won’t make you sign on any type of dotted line, and you may cancel the service at any time!


POOP 911 in Madbury, NH, wants customers to know they’ll be astonished at the level of cleanliness they see when their pooper scooper service company technicians complete their FREE first cleanup. You might not recognize your yard with the absence of fetid piles of fecal matter, and you’ll be oh, so glad you assumed a POOP 911 recurring service schedule. As a result of that sound decision, your team will return and rid your yard of feces again and again-weekly, bi-weekly, or every other week.

The POOP 911 near me rid our yard of feces during our FREE first cleanup, and they haven’t stopped since then. We often count the days until Wednesday, when they clean more feces again!


    5 star review  I have been using POOP 911 for a few months now and I love it. Lauren, the owner, took my initial phone call and explained all of the options in regards to price, dates, etc. Extremely helpful. Whole thing looks less than 15 minutes. All the poop is picked up and they put it in the trash for you. Sometimes I forget to leave my trash can outside, so they take it with them, which is awesome. Today I spoke to Lauren to update my credit card info and she was very nice, just like the first interaction. I updated my preferences and chit chatted for a few. Very personable. What I like best of the service is that it takes all the stress away of picking up poop. #firstworldproblems.

    thumb Oscar Restrepo

    5 star review  The best service company I've ever dealt with. The owner is awesome. She takes time with my two babies who desire her attention when she visits.

    thumb Y Anton

    4 star review  They did a fantastic job! I had 2 year's worth of mess to deal with, moving into a new home and Poop911 made is look like there had never been a dog there! The woman I booked the appointment with was a gem to work with. The man that did the job, called when he was on his way and left me a note on the back door letting me know he had been there. The only reason I did not give 5 stars is because it was a couple of weeks before they could get to me. I was hoping for faster service. Top notch people to deal with!

    thumb Pnsw W

    5 star review  POOP 911 services have been such a tremendous help to our canine and human household. Our dogs jump for joy after they have left because it means they can run poop free in the yard with no fears of stomping in someone else’s poop! We all love the fact that POOP 911’s services cut down on the fly population leaving more outdoor time with humans as the pups love being outside with their parents.The only thing the pups don’t like are the actual humans who enter into our backyard heaven! But, once the POOP 911 peeps keep working the pups settle down and remember they are actually their POOP Heroes!!!!I highly recommend the POOP 911 services for their professionalism and kindness. If you are not using their services you are missing out!

    thumb Cecilia Gonzales

Benefits of Hiring Us

POOP 911 in Madbury, NH, insists upon its pooper scooper service company technicians learning an entire safety protocol designed to keep people, pets, and property safe when providing every service. Despite these efforts, though, once in a while, a mistake might occur.

The POOP 911 near me explained POP 911’s safety protocol when we had our FREE first cleanup. We’ve never experienced a mistake on POOP 911’s watch, but our technicians are human. Canines would likely do a much better job, but until POOP 911 hires us, I guess we get relegated to sniffing our butts while the humans work. I digress.

If you experience any sort of error during your POOP 911 cleanup, call the local office right away. Technicians will go back to the “scene of the crime,” to make everything right. If you’re still dissatisfied, then your next cleanup will be free. We genuinely appreciate that POOP 911 has us covered with their 100% satisfaction guarantee. They’d always do better if dogs did the work, but that appears to be a moot point.


Service and Schedule Options

POOP 911 in Madbury, NH, asks our customers to check out the following when booking with our pooper scooper service company:

  • FREE First Cleanup With Recurring Service Scheduled
  • Recurring Intervals Include Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Every Other Week
  • Sanitizing, Deodorizing Lawns
  • Dog Walking, Litter Box Cleaning
  • Cleanups Ahead of Parties, Special Events
  • Residential, Municipal, HOA, Commercial Cleanups


Company History

POOP 911 trains our Madbury, NH pooper scooper service company technicians to provide many services to our customers so that they can wash their hands of all pet-related dirty jobs. POOP 911 has a reputation for being the safest, most effective company that’s held the spot at the top of the pet waste industry throughout the past 15 years. Our customers appreciate the services our technicians provide, and they often express their gratitude in our 5-star Google reviews.

Speak with a POOP 911 technicians when calling 1-877-POOP-911, and be sure to visit us online, too. Call us ASAP at POOP 911 to book your FREE first cleanup!