POOP 911: Prestigious Pet Waste Removal Company Serves Marilla, NY

POOP 911 is a prestigious pet waste removal company in Marilla, New York. Our prestige comes from the countless customers who tell others about the services we offer and the way we provide them. Sure, anyone can scoop dog poop, but we’ll also deodorize and sanitize your lawn afterward. Dog poop is laden with bacteria that make people and pets sick and destroys your lawn. With our deodorizing and sanitizing services, you can kiss those worries goodbye. POOP 911 doesn’t require long-term commitments, although we find most of our customers make one just the same. Plus, we don’t charge you for our services until the job is done. A prestigious pooper scooper company? You bet. You won’t doubt it for a minute once you get to know POOP 911.

POOP 911 provides pet waste removal in Marilla, NY on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. However we’re flexible and respectful of your needs. Not all families require the same services. We’ll come just once if you’ve planned a party you’ll hold in your backyard. We’ll come several times the week of the party, too, if it’s been a while since you’ve had time to scoop.  We will make your day with the services we provide within timeframes that work for you.

Servicing the following zip codes and all the surrounding areas: 14102

    review rating 5  Poop 911 is the best! They are professional and remember to close and lock the gates. They are super handy especially with 2 dogs, a small yard and everything else going on. It is some of the best money I spend.

    thumb Corrie Watson

    review rating 5  I received a post card advertisement so thought I would give them a chance. They called when they were on their way, very professional and did an awesome job. No complaints and I’d definitely recommend. I think their weekly service is affordable for 2 dogs.

    thumb Melisa Cobb

    review rating 5  I cannot say enough positive things about poop 911. My kids had been slacking on their poop duties and we were having company come in unexpectedly, poop 911 came out the next day was extremely thorough. I recommend the deodorizer, it smells great and not chemically. I’m extremely happy with the service we received and are looking forward to our next visit.

    thumb Shaina Ruiz

    review rating 5  Best investment! I love that I don't have to clean up my yard after my dog. Their customer service is also awesome.

    thumb Michael Xavier

Benefits of Hiring Us

Here at Marilla, NY’s POOP 911, we provide pet waste removal, so you don’t have to do it yourself. Hot summer days are meant for lounging by the pool, not scrounging around the yard in search of those dookies Davo dropped–the ones you can’t ever seem to locate. Cool fall days are best appreciated by taking a brisk walk, not sifting through the leaves for massive mounds of mess. POOP 911 will show up multiple times in one week if you’re hosting a Spring Fling or a Winter Wonderland in your backyard, so your guests don’t soil their shoes with Davo’s–well, you know. No matter the season, POOP 911 needs no reason. Just call us and we’ll be there.

Service and Schedule Options

Marilla, NY’s POOP 911 offers the following ways you can schedule pet waste removal:

  • Just call us–or book our services online.
  • Just book once: A one-time service gives you a break or is perfect when guests will be roaming throughout your yard.
  • Just count on it: If you like to know exactly when we’ll clean your yard, choose a reoccurring schedule–weekly, bi-weekly or monthly–so you can count on our poop patrol.


Company History

POOP 911 in Marilla, NY has provided pet waste removal for more than a dozen years. We’re proud of our teams that provide our services with purpose.

Call POOP 911 today. You may book online, too!