POOP 911 Perfects Pet Waste Removal in Maryville, TN

POOP 911 has perfected pet waste removal in and around Maryville, Tennessee. Our customers in that region love how fresh and clean their yards are following our services–and even more than that, they love that they’re not scooping the poop themselves. It’s the extra services we provide that raise us to the level of perfection, and they’re the things we’ve built our business on. For example, we know that when you let sneaky Sid out to do his business at night, he often fails to go to the lawn. He does his stuff on the corner of your patio instead. Sneaky Sid isn’t the only one. It’s a dog thing. POOP 911 will hose down your patio and deck, leaving those areas of your home as clean as your lawn.

POOP 911 in Maryville, TN provides pet waste removal weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. We’ll do our very best to adhere to any special scheduling needs, too. Would you like to book a one-time service? We’re on it. If you need us to come multiple times in the same week, we’ll do that, too. We understand how crazy life can be, and that schedules often need changing.

Servicing the following zip codes and all the surrounding areas: 37801, 37802, 37803, 37804, 37701

Benefits of Hiring Us

POOP 911 in Maryville, TN provides dog poop removal so you can enjoy a fresh, clean yard–and so you can save face, too. Do you remember last summer when your work buddies came for burgers on the grill? Do you recall sending Bob inside for mustard, and that he slipped in Moose’s mess while en route? Don’t replay that scene this summer. Convince Bob to come for burgers again. Tell him POOP 911 is now in charge of Moose’s messes.

Service and Schedule Options

Your Maryville, TN POOP 911 offers the following ways to experience our dog poop removal services:

  • Give us a call to schedule. You’ll get to speak to a real human being.
  • Visit POOP 911 online. Maybe humans aren’t your thing. We get it. You’re a dog person only. You can schedule with us online.
  • Book our reoccurring service on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. Or choose a one-time service only.



Company History

POOP 911 in Maryville, TN has been in the pet waste removal business for more than a dozen years. We’ve amassed a lengthy list of customers since 2005. We’d love to see your name on our list.

Call POOP 911 today and give yourself a break from scooping poop. Visit us online to learn more about our service. You can schedule online, too.