POOP 911 Dog Poop Clean Up Service Welcomed in Point Charlotte, FL

POOP 911 was recently welcomed in Point Charlotte, FL, with their dog poop clean up service. Customers fast learned about their affordable services, and how much time they’d save by hiring them. Now, they’ve washed their hands of these dirty jobs.

I especially appreciate that there’s a POOP 911 near me, as their technicians treat me like gold. They rub my belly, and that makes me shake my rear end. Oh, lest I forget to mention–my name is Mason. I’m of the canine persuasion, and POOP 911 scoops up my dog mess.

In addition to scooping up my dog mess, POOP 911 technicians sanitize and deodorize the lawn. They also hose down places marred by my mess, like the patio, the deck, and my dog run.

My pet parents, Joe and Hilda, appreciate POOP 911’s dog walking service. They like their doggie playtime option, also. They have some physical limitations, and can’t always take me on long walks, but they needn’t worry, because POOP 911 has in under control.

POOP 911 provides some options inside of customer’s homes, too, like scooping out Muffy’s kitty litter box. They also feed Muffy and me when Joe and Hilda leave for the weekend to visit their son.

POOP 911 has a FREE first cleanup for you, and all you need to do to claim it is assume one of their convenient recurring service schedules. There’s no contract for you to sign, and you may cancel at any time!


POOP 911 in Point Charlotte, FL, wants customers to know that their dog poop clean up service will provide an exceptional FREE first cleanup. The yard will be cleaner and smell fresher than it has in a long time–and it will stay that way until I leave my dog mess on it again. Don’t give me that side-eye! Where else would you like me to leave it–in your shoe?

The fluffy cat who lives near me says his pet parents plan to call POOP 911 today to book their FREE first cleanup. They were so excited to see how well Joe and Hilda’s turned out that they wanted one of their own.

POOP 911 needs to know how often you’d like one of their teams to clean your yard, as per your recurring service schedule. They’re available for cleanups weekly, bi-weekly, or every other week.


    review rating 5  After the first visit we were extremely happy. We want to try the yard deodorizer! Pups love their clean yard.

    thumb Ashley Flournoy

    review rating 5  The best service company I've ever dealt with. The owner is awesome. She takes time with my two babies who desire her attention when she visits.

    thumb Y Anton

    review rating 5  They are very polite, always on time, done in less than 30 minutes and our yard is poop free...

    thumb Paula Greenhaw

    review rating 5  100% recommend!! Super easy! Just filled out what I needed online, got a quote and set up pickup all without have to call in and wait for a quote. You also don’t pay until after the service is done each time. Got a call day of to say they were 5 mins away (left my dogs inside since I was at work) and left a cute sticky note on the sliding door to let me know they were there! Perfect for the antisocial in me :) bonus: made sure to close the side gate completely! Yes, it’s happened before by others. Imagine my surprise when my dog knocked on my front door haha

    thumb Genesis Barron

Benefits of Hiring Us

Your Point Charlotte, FL POOP 911, asks its dog poop clean up service to warn customers about something disturbing that are living on their lawn. I don’t like thinking about something disturbing living near me, but I’ve got to suck it up, as this time it comes from my dog mess!

When POOP 911 scoops up my dog mess, bacteria remain on the lawn. This is the type of bacteria that can cause illnesses like giardia or salmonella in people and pets.

When POOP 911 sanitizes and deodorizes the lawn, however, they kill the bacteria and its odor. They leave customers with a spotlessly clean yard that’s safe for everyone to enjoy.

Have you called POOP 911 yet to book your FREE first cleanup? You should do that right now!


Service and Schedule Options

POOP 911 in Point Charlotte, FL, asks customers to check out these options when booking with our dog poop clean up service:

  • FREE First Cleanup With Recurring Service Scheduled
  • Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Every Other Week Recurring Options
  • Residential, HOA, Municipal, Commercial Cleanups
  • Sanitizing and Deodorizing Lawns
  • Litter Box Cleaning
  • Call to Book With POOP 911 or Do So Online


Company History

POOP 911 was warmly welcomed in Point Charlotte, FL, with our dog poop clean up service, as we’ve been in cities around the U.S. since 2005. Once our customers see the impressive job POOP 911’s technicians do, they’re excited about adding additional services, too. They mention these services in our 5-star Google reviews.

Speak with a POOP 911 staff member at 1-877-POOP-911, and see what’s new and exciting on our website, too. Call us right away at POOP 911 to set up your FREE first cleanup!