POOP 911 Ushers Pooper Scooper Service Company Into Sanatoga, Pennsylvania

POOP 911 is ushering their pooper scooper service company into Sanatoga, Pennsylvania, and they’ve been very well received. Pet owners immediately inundated the company with a need for yard cleanups, and they utilized many of the additional services POOP 911 offers.

I like that there’s now a POOP 911 near me in Sanatoga, as they do a remarkable job cleaning our yard. I also like that Paul and Pamela aren’t the ones cleaning it. They work hard each week and used to spend hours in the evenings or weekend cleaning up our yard. Paul and Pamela appreciate POOP 911’s dog walking service and doggie playtime feature Because they often work late, they don’t always feel like taking long walks when they get home. With POOP 911 technicians in our corner, it’s no longer a concern. Perhaps I should make a proper introduction. My name is Lyle, and I’m a Labrador Retriever. POOP 911 cleans up my large loads.

Aside from scooping large loads, POOP 911 sanitizes and deodorizes our lawn. Technicians also hose down places occasionally living under my large loads, like the patio, the deck, and my dog run. Don’t even ask how my dog run finds itself under my large loads. You don’t want to know!

POOP 911 technicians also provide a few select services inside of their customer’s homes. At our house, the scoop out Lizzie’s kitty litter box. They also feed Lizzie and me when Paul and Pamela work overtime.

POOP 911 has a FREE first cleanup to give you, and all they ask you to do in return is sign on for one of their convenient recurring service schedules. There’s nothing for you to sign, and you can cancel at any time!


Your Sanatoga, Pennsylvania POOP 911 expects impeccability from their pooper scooper service company, and that’s what you’ll experience when they provide your FREE first cleanup. You’ll look at your yard in awe of its cleanliness–at least until the dog dumps large loads all over it again. It won’t take long. Don’t you dump once or twice each day? If you’re not ready to invite us inside to use the toilet, you have no right to make that disgusting face! I digress.

Mr. Jones–the gentleman in the tan house near me–doesn’t like much of anything these days, but he was enticed by how meticulous Paul and Pamela’s FREE first cleanup turned out. He called POOP 911 right away and is now counting the days until his FREE first cleanup.

POOP 911 asks customers to decide how frequently they want their yard cleaned, as per their recurring service schedule. Cleanups take place weekly, bi-weekly, or every other week. Which one will Mr. Jones choose?


    review rating 5  Couldn't be happier after the initial cleaning. Was really surprised at how well the sanitizer worked after just one application. I would recommend in a heartbeat and have signed up for weekly service. With 3 large dogs and a not so large back yard, this makes my doggies life's all the better!

    thumb Christy Eastman

    review rating 5  We've been using them for a few months now because I'm just too busy with school and work to manage the backyard. I think this price is a bit high considering they don't take the poop with them, however, the service has been fantastic. They come every week and leave a note on the back door to prove it. They have to be quick because I've actually never seen anyone doing the job because they have the gate code. They emailed an auto reschedule when my day landed on Christmas and when weather was bad so I didn't have to hound them to make sure I'm getting what I paid for. Super easy to deal with an I'm picky.

    thumb Clayton Taylor

    review rating 5  Wonderful service!! Very pleased & will refer friends. So nice to deal with pleasant & efficent people!!!

    thumb janice richie

    review rating 5  This is a time saver and helps keep my lawn looking great! The company is honest and trustworthy! You will love this little luxury!!

    thumb Leticia Letty Turkett

Benefits of Hiring Us

POOP 911 in Sanatoga, Pennsylvania, insists its pooper scooper service company cautions customers about a possible health concern. That health concern lives in the yard, and I don’t like knowing it’s near me.

When POOP 911 technicians scoop large dog loads, as they’ll do when providing customers their FREE first cleanup, bacteria remain on the ground. This type of bacteria can cause serious illness, including giardia and salmonella. People and pets are at risk of becoming ill.

However, when POOP 911 technicians sanitize and deodorize the lawn, they kill the bacteria and eliminate any unwanted odor, also. POOP 911 is known for providing customers with fresh, clean yards. They should also be known for preventing members of households–including pets like me–from getting sick.


Service and Schedule Options

POOP 911 in Sanatoga, Pennsylvania wants you to know that our pooper scooper service company provides the following options:

  • FREE First Cleanup With Recurring Service Scheduled
  • Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Every Other Week Recurring Options
  • Residential, Commercial, HOA, Municipal Cleanups
  • Sanitizing and Deodorizing Lawns
  • Litter Box Cleaning, Dog Walking
  • Call to Schedule With POOP 911, Book POOP 911 Services Online


Company History

POOP 911 ushered our pooper scooper service company into Sanatoga, Pennsylvania, and embraced a huge number of happy customers, as we’ve done in cities across the country for the past 15 years. Our customers appreciate that we offer such a wide range of services. They detail some of these services in our 5-star Google reviews.

Speak with a POOP 911 representative by calling 1-877-POOP-911, and take some time to visit our website, too. Call us ASAP at POOP 911 to set up your FREE first cleanup!