POOP 911 in Sarasota, FL: Dog Poop Clean Up Goes City-Wide

POOP 911 is taking their new dog poop clean up business city-wide in Sarasota, FL. They’re not one of those companies that only services nearby neighborhoods. Instead, they cover practically every city block. Customers in Sarasota love handing the dirty job of cleaning up after their dogs to POOP 911 technicians. They appreciate the other services POOP 911 provides, as well.

I appreciate having a new POOP 911 near me, as my bathroom has never been this clean. Lest you think POOP 911 is in the housekeeping business, too–they’re not–allow me to explain. I’m Winnie of the canine persuasion–a Great Dane, to be exact–and POOP 911 scoops up my monstrous mounds of waste. My bathroom is Dirk and Eleanor’s yard. They’re my pet parents.

In addition to scooping up those dinner-plate-sized mounds of my waste, POOP 911 technicians sanitize and deodorize our lawn. They also hose down places wallowing in my waste, like the patio, the deck, and my dog run.

Dirk and Eleanor appreciate that POOP 911 has a dog walking service and a doggie playtime feature. Given my girth and my strength, Dirk and Eleanor aren’t up to walking me for miles each week. With POOP 911 helping them out, they don’t have to. They can walk me every couple of days, knowing I’m getting walked–and getting lots of exercise–from POOP 911’s technicians.

POOP 911 goes inside of customer’s homes with a few specific services, also. At our house, they scoop out Wanda’s kitty litter box. They also feed Wanda and me when Dirk and Eleanor go away for a vacation.

POOP 911 has a FREE first cleanup for you, and all you must do to collect is assume one of their convenient recurring service schedules. There’s no contract for you to sign, and you may cancel at any time!


POOP 911 in Sarasota, Florida, promises that their dog poop clean up service will ace your FREE first cleanup. Your yard will look and smell clean and fresh–until the dog dumps its waste once again. Ummm–that’s what we do! It keeps POOP 911 in business, too!

The neighbor in the bungalow near me, says he’s calling POOP 911 this afternoon to set up his FREE first cleanup. He’s amazed at how good Dirk and Eleanor’s yard looks, and he wants that for his yard, also.

POOP 911 insists upon their customers deciding how often they want POOP 911 teams to clean their yards. Cleanups are available weekly, bi-weekly, or every other week.


    5 star review  POOP 911 provides consistent and great service. The one thing I liked was their willingness to come on the day of the week that best suited us. I will continue to do business with them for the foreseeable future.

    thumb Chris Swartz

    5 star review  Awesome company, always here when scheduled and they do an amazing job. Highly recommend

    thumb Jennie Cruz

    5 star review  AMAZING! I literally dont need a reminder about anything! They just take care of everything and do an exceptional job! I really appreciate their hard work. It shows! 🙂

    thumb Kerry Caprietta

    5 star review  POOP 911 services have been such a tremendous help to our canine and human household. Our dogs jump for joy after they have left because it means they can run poop free in the yard with no fears of stomping in someone else’s poop! We all love the fact that POOP 911’s services cut down on the fly population leaving more outdoor time with humans as the pups love being outside with their parents. The only thing the pups don’t like are the actual humans who enter into our backyard heaven! But, once the POOP 911 peeps keep working the pups settle down and remember they are actually their POOP Heroes!!!! I highly recommend the POOP 911 services for their professionalism and kindness. If you are not using their services you are missing out!

    thumb Cecilia Gonzales

Benefits of Hiring Us

Your Sarasota, FL POOP 911 knows their dog poop clean up services are required in spots all over this vast city. Fortunately, they don’t solely clean yards at customer’s homes, as they’ll do during your FREE first cleanup.

Take a drive around Sarasota–provided you’re not a dog, like me, because we can’t drive–and you’ll see piles of dog waste on every block. Some pet parents take their dogs for walks and let them dump their waste whenever the urge hits. When Dirk and Eleanor take me for a walk, they bring a bag to clean up my waste. Why can’t all pet parents behave like Dirk and Eleanor? Instead, there are foreign piles of dog waste near me. It’s disgusting.

POOP 911 can take care of this situation before it gets further out of hand. If you’re responsible for commercial, HOA, or municipal properties, give POOP 911 a call and let them know where they can clean for you. POOP 911 wants all of Sarasota to enjoy the cleanliness that Dirk and Eleanor do.


Service and Schedule Options

POOP 911 in Sarasota, FL asks customers to peruse these points when booking with our dog poop clean up service:

  • FREE First CLeanup With Recurring Service Scheduled
  • Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Every Other Week Recurrences
  • Sanitizing and Deodorizing Lawns
  • Dog Walking, Doggie Playtime
  • Litter Box Cleaning
  • Call to Book With POOP 911 or Do So Online


Company History

POOP 911 took dog poop clean up city-wide in Sarasota, FL, and emerged with a city full of satisfied customers, as we’ve done since 2005 in cities all over the U.S. Our customers own various types of properties, but all rely on us to provide dog poop clean up. They express their appreciation in our countless 5-star reviews on Google.

Contact POOP 911 by calling 1-877-POOP-911, and visit us online, too. Call us right away at POOP 911 to book your FREE first cleanup!