POOP 911 Employs Professional Pet Waste Removal Technicians in West Glenwood, Colorado

POOP 911 was surprised to learn that our customers in the West Glenwood, Colorado region didn’t realize we only hire professionals for our pet waste removal service. They expected we staffed our teams with kids looking to earn some fast money, dressed in dirty t-shirts, and carrying a bucket and a shovel. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Here at POOP 911, it’s a must that our employees be hard-working, honest individuals, who will dedicate themselves to putting our customers–and their dogs–first. Sure, we do dirty work, but we do it, so you don’t have to!

Our technicians scoop up Paulie’s poo, but that’s not all they do. They sanitize and deodorize lawns, and they hose off decks, patios, and Paulie’s dog run. Are you worried Paulie is spending too much time as a couch potato? We can handle that, also, with our dog walking and doggie playtime services.


POOP 911 in West Glenwood, Colorado, works hard to live up to any expectations you have of our pet waste removal service. Our team’s clean yards weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. If you’re responsible for more than your yard at home, note that we clean HOA, municipal, and commercial properties, too.

Has cleaning up after Paulie become a bit more than you can handle? POOP 911 will send a team several times in the same week to get things all caught up for you.


    review rating 5  I absolutely love this service!! They are extremely reliable, do a fantastic job of cleaning up my yard and are super friendly too!! I would definitely recommend this company as they are super thorough. Also, if it happens to rain on your cleanup day, the call and reschedule for another day that week to make sure you are taken care of and satisfied with their service Great Company, Excellent Customer Service and a very Reasonable Price!!!

    thumb Paula

    review rating 5  Service had always been great. There was 1 time issue but when I called the owner, the issue was addressed and resolved. I'm happy to have Poop 911 service my yard.

    thumb Eva LaBadie

    review rating 5  I have had this service since 2009. They are great and I was surprised years ago that they knew the dogs names and that they had a Facebook page with pictures of my dog on their photos page. All service employees have always been polite. I highly recommend this service!

    thumb Dani Sorrenson

    review rating 5  Poop 911 did an awesome job of keeping my yard poop-free. I have two 100+ pound dogs who definitely make a mess of things. Poop 911 was a huge help! They're very reliable and worth every penny!

    thumb Karian Cox

Benefits of Hiring Us

POOP 911 in West Glenwood, Colorado insists that in addition to professional, that our pet waste removal technicians must be 100% dog-friendly, too. It’s a prerequisite for working with POOP 911. So, go ahead and let Paulie hang out in the yard while your POOP 911 team cleans.

You’ll no doubt see one or two of our technicians tossing a stick or a ball to Paulie as they clean. When they finish, they’ll check to see that he has plenty of water in his bowl.

Paulie won’t go visiting with your neighbors while POOP 911 is in charge, so put that worry to rest. Our technicians are mindful of checking and rechecking the latch on the gate, every time they enter or exit your yard.


Service and Schedule Options

POOP 911 in West Glenwood, Colorado suggests the following ways of experiencing our pet waste removal services:

  • Choose from our regular service schedules: Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.
  • Choose from our optional services like deodorizing and sanitizing your lawn.
  • Call us for even more information and to book with POOP 911.
  • Read even more about our services and book with us via our website.


Company History

POOP 911 employs professional pet waste removal employees in West Glenwood, Colorado, as we’ve done since starting our business in 2005. Our professionalism is a significant component in our success, as it’s led to absolute trust on behalf of our customers. Those same customers write us excellent 5-star reviews. Thank you!

Call us at POOP 911 to book your cleanup with us today. 1-877-POOP911 is the first step you’ll take toward a poop-free yard. Visit us online, too!