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Hi, We’re Danny and Angelica

As the owners of Knoxville POOP 911, it would be our pleasure to help keep your property beautiful year-round. Along with poop scooping, we can rinse and freshen every inch of your patio and yard, ensure that flower beds are off-limits, remove dead leaves, and more!

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Knoxville Pooper Scooper Service POOP 911

Knoxville Pooper Scooper Service POOP 911 handles all of your pet waste removal needs, leaving your yard looking and smelling clean. Why Knoxville POOP 911? Because nobody likes to deal with pet waste removal, but it’s all part of having dogs in the family. By letting the pros take over, you can come home to a clean, green yard and spend more quality time with loved ones.

Is Knoxville, Tennessee A Pet-Friendly City?
Yes! Knoxville, Tennessee, is pet friendly, and although known for its southern hospitality to human folk, they love catering to your four-legged friends as well! Follow the ‘pets welcome’ signs to pet-friendly events, off-leash dog parks, mountaintops, trails, and “watering holes.” The pups can sniff out delicious, unique cuisine or local craft breweries with dog-friendly patios for you and your pal to enjoy together. Knoxville, Tennessee, nicknamed Scruffy City, is the best place to bring your furry best friend for a tail-wagging pet-friendly trip with their favorite humans!

Does Knoxville, Tennessee, Have Pet-Friendly Hotels?
They do! Don’t leave Fido at home because Knoxville, Tennessee, has plenty of pet-friendly hotels to choose from, and many are only a paw or two away from the excitement of the city! You don’t have to give up luxury because the pets are staying with you, either! The Baymont Inn and Suites, Clarion Inn and Suites, Crown Plaza, Hilton Hotels, Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express, and many more Knoxville, Tennessee, are pet-friendly and are excited to welcome four paws! With so much to do during the day, you’ll need a great place to rest your paws and feet! Check each for specific pet fees, size limits, and the number of pets that can stay and play with you before booking.

Does Knoxville, Tennessee, Have Pet-Friendly Restaurants?
Yes! Bone Appetit with the fur pals at a Knoxville, Tennessee pet-friendly restaurant or brewery patio. Life is better with pets, no matter what you’re doing, and grabbing a bite to eat or a cold drink is no exception. Famous for barbecue, ribs, southern fried catfish, grilled steaks, chicken, and seafood, grab a spot on the patio waiting for you and the pups at Calhoun’s on the River. Aubrey’s Papermill offers comfort food items like burgers and steak with a Southern twist, or if you’re looking for cold traditional or innovative style brews, hit the Alliance Brewing Company. Order up a customized pizza and get a taste of one of 96 craft beers at Barley’s Taproom and Pizzaria. Many of the pet-friendly restaurants in Knoxville, Tennessee, also have water bowls and treats available for your furry friend, too! Two paws up for Knoxville!

What are Awesome Things to Do With Pets in Knoxville, Tennessee?
An outing with your fluffy four-legged fur ball tagging along is the best, and there are plenty of pawsome places and adventures around Knoxville, Tennessee, where the pets are more than welcome, whether it’s off-leash trails and dog parks, swimming, or hiking. Tommy Schumpert Park boasts a multi-acre, multi-section off-leash dog park with wide-open fields, a little hidden copse for exploring, and a large swimming pond housing a water feature and jumping dock for both of you! The most pawsome Victor Ashe park has it all spread across 120 acres with a popular disk golf course, soccer fields, volleyball courts, playgrounds, a fishing pond, horseshoe pits, paved and natural trails, and it’s Knoxville’s first off-leash dog park. Furballs are welcome in the watercraft, from tubes (both open- and closed-bottom tubes available) to kayaks at Tubing With River Rats, and for a woodsy adventure spanning over 12 trails, take a trip to Ijams Nature Center. There’s something pawsome waiting for you in Knoxville, Tennessee, so grab the pets and fetch!

 Are Pets Allowed Indoors in Knoxville, Tennessee?
Yes! Pets can join you indoors at some establishments and retailers in Knoxville, Tennessee! The Bark, the area’s first indoor-outdoor dog park, and the Bark Beer Garden is home to an 18,000+ square foot facility with a safe environment for canine socialization. Grab yourself a bottle or two of wine, and let the pets sniff out the vintage selections at Corks Wine and Spirits, or visit The General Store at Apple Valley Mountain Village, where you’ll find aisles of traditional produce, jams, jellies, preserves, and honey butter. Step back in time at the Mast General Store for some old-fashioned toys, country gourmet foods, cast iron cookware, speckle ware, and footwear. Home Depot, Pet Smart, and a slew of local pet stores and boutiques allow pets indoors, so when in the mood to shop in Knoxville, Tennessee, take the fur pals with you!

Does Knoxville, Tennessee Have Veterinarians That Make House Calls?
They do! When it’s difficult for you to take your dog to the veterinarian or don’t have the transportation needed to get there, you can find one to make a house call in Knoxville, Tennessee. Bluegrass Animal Hospital offers the convenience of a house call for routine examinations, vaccinations, other professional services. Jinks Veterinary Services will provide almost anything routinely done in a veterinary clinic exam room in the comfort of your pets’ home. Veterinarian house calls in the Knoxville, Tennessee area can relieve a lot of stress on both of you, and the pets will get better quicker when treated at their favorite place. Home!

How long has Knoxville POOP 911 been operating?
January 2018

What is your favorite thing about owning Knoxville POOP 911?
The name is unforgettable. When people talk to us they say oh the car with poop on it.

What is your favorite thing about Knoxville POOP 911?
The looks on people faces and sound of their voices when they say “did you just say poop?”

What is your favorite dog breed and why?
If they have wagging tails, paws, and wet noses we love them. But we love big breeds. Nothing like a gentle giant to cheer you up.

What is Knoxville Poop 911 most known for?
The “Poop Car”. Everyone loves to take pictures.

What separates Knoxville Poop 911 from other cities?
Not really sure how other franchises operate but if you have a dog in the backyard and a toy we will probably be caught playing with your dog.

Is Knoxville Poop 911 Open 24/7?
No, but if the sun’s out, we are working!

Our Mission

POOP 911 has been doing the dirty work since 2005. Our goal? To give pet parents everywhere more free time with their furry friends. Treat yourself to our array of helpful services and enjoy your time at home.

Dog-Loving Professionals

Our technicians are in the business of helping people enjoy their pets to the fullest. Dressed in uniform, they remove pet waste year-round and will even clean and deodorize decks, patios, and dog runs. Just look for a
 door hanger and know the job’s done.

Knoxville POOP 911 Services

  • Pet waste removal
  • Food and water refills
  • Yard deodorizing
  • Patio cleaning
  • Dog walking
  • Doggie playtime
  • Litter box cleaning
  • And more!

Apartments, HOAs, and Dog Parks

Let’s keep our Knoxville neighborhoods beautiful! Get a customized quote for services to suit your community’s needs. We can install clean-up stations, restock dog waste bags, poop scoop designated areas, and more.

Special Events

From pet parades and charity fundraisers to corporate outings, make sure your guests have a blast — instead of watching where they step. Our friendly crew will patrol your event from start to finish, so you can simply enjoy the day.

  • Our Service Areas

    Counties: Blout County, Knox County, Anderson County, Roane County, Loudon County

    Cities: Alcoa, Friendsville, Happy Valley, Louisville, Maryville, Rockford, Tallahassee, Townsend, Walland, Concord, Concord Farr, Farragut, Corryton, Fountain City, Heiskell, Farragut, Karns, Kimberlin Heights, Knox, Knoxville, Mascot, Powell, Andersonville, Briceville, Clinton, Lake City, Norris, Oak Ridge, Devonian, Emory Gap, Harriman, Kingston, Midtown, Oliver Springs, Ozone, Rockwood, Westel, Greenback, Lenoir City, Loudon, Philadelphia. Plaza Tower.

The POOP 911 Guarantee

We want you to be satisfied — 100% of the time. Should we ever fall short, just let us know. We’ll refund your visit or cover the next one FREE.

Hi, We’re Danny and Angelica

As the owners of Knoxville POOP 911, it would be our pleasure to help keep your property beautiful year-round. Along with poop scooping, we can rinse and freshen every inch of your patio and yard, ensure that flower beds are off-limits, remove dead leaves, and more!

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Litter Box Cleaning and Dog Walking

Inside or outside, leave the scooping to us. We can help you keep your house, yard, or whole neighborhood fresh and clean.

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Read Our Reviews

Ed Sultan
Ed Sultan
Very reliable!
Jessica Hett
Jessica Hett
They always communicate and are super friendly. When the storm blew over a potted plant the technician picked it up for me before I had a chance to get to it. Extremely courteous and professional.
Marilyn Alvarez
Marilyn Alvarez
The technician did a thorough job. I’m happy to pay the small fee to have this done. Great job!
Cheri Reynolds
Cheri Reynolds
Great service !
Joy Wilson
Joy Wilson
Very friendly workers who went above and beyond!!
Tiffani Ogier
Tiffani Ogier
The are so professional, search my entire yard and always leave it poo free!
Charles Hensley
Charles Hensley
Great job keeping the yard clean.
Becky Baker
Becky Baker
This is a wonderful service! Reliable, professional and worth every penny!
Terina Widner
Terina Widner
Makes my life easier and my yard cleaner!
Bev B
Bev B
Danny is awesome. Always on time does an amazing job and accommodating. Very friendly and I'm so grateful. My yard is sooo much better with service. Thank you so very much.
rick culotta
rick culotta
veteran owned and operated, great guy and great work! Thank you
Great job and very prompt
Sheree Roland
Sheree Roland
My yard is always cleaned with care. I'm disabled so this service is invaluable to me. Thanks Poop 911!
Andrea Decator
Andrea Decator
Today was my first visit for poop911 to come take care of my yard so for we are satisfied
Anna Dykes
Anna Dykes
I didn’t even know this service exists!! Great price, great communication, always on time! My yard is cleaner than ever!! Thank you so much!!
They do good job. Send text when they are on the way. And even when I miss it they put up with my dogs and clean the yard.
Bryan R
Bryan R
The best thing we have done in a long time…on time, poop free yard is amazing. Great value!
M Myer
M Myer
We've used POOP 911 for a couple of years now! They show up every week, rain or shine, and we get to use our yard! Yay!!!!
Lacey Renfro
Lacey Renfro
Poop 911 has been a lifesaver from 3 large dogs! Every other week, he comes in picks up, doesn’t mind the dogs barking at his heels, gets every last bit and leaves quietly! Won’t ever stop using them!!!!
Lauren Early
Lauren Early
I tried to schedule services with poop 911 and due to my work schedule (nights), the first appointment I missed. The following week I didn't expect anyone to show up which they didn't.the third week I had no notice anyone was coming until the morning of when I received a text message saying "we are on our way". I didn't think a text like that warranted a response from me, but the crew didn't show up because I didn't reply to them. Then the fourth week the same issue happened, I don't wake up to texts and bc I didn't reply, the crew didn't show up. I tried to personally call the owner a few times and seemed he was only communicative through texting only. I advised them to be taken off the schedule due to continuous conflicts in scheduling. I never actually used thier service so I cannot comment on that.

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