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Residential poop scooping to the rescue.


Step outside and say “ahhh.”

If home is where the heart is, a backyard is where the fun is — but only if it’s clean and green.

Dog lovers by nature, our professional poop scoopers take their work seriously. Dressed in uniform, they remove pet waste year-round and will even clean, disinfect, and deodorize decks, patios, and dog runs.

Weekly, monthly, or just on occasion, we make the process quick and easy. You can schedule online and rest assured that your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Just look for a door hanger when you get home, so you’ll know it’s safe to step outside.

Weekly Services
as low as $11.95.

Prices may vary based on service area.

  • Great sanity-saving service. They take one of the most frustrating parts out of dog ownership. Their price is also lower than most other services in the area for multiple jobs. - Carly S, Minneapolis Metro, Yelp Reviews

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