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Pet Patio Pet Waste Solution Service

Pet waste solution for high rise and condominium living styles

Residential Pooper Scooper Service
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Pet Patio Pet Waste Clean Up Promotions

  • Weekly pet patio service for only $25 per visit
  • 1 FREE Dog Poop Cleanup Services for each friend you refer in your building

What you get with Pet Patio

  • 1 Pet Patio with Fresh Real Grass Sod
  • Bio-degradable bags
  • Free fire hydrant or mini trash receptacle

What is Pet Patio service?

POOP 911 Pet Patio is perfect for house breaking puppies that don't have access to a back yard. It's also perfect for pet owners with busy or unpredictable schedules. It's especially useful for high-rise apartments, condominiums, elderly, handicapped owners or anyone who may be unable to take their dogs outdoors will love POOP 911's pet patio. Ask about our FREE Complimentary in-house visit and demonstration!

Who is Pet Patio service for?

People who:
--want to avoid late night walks
--wish to sleep in
--are constantly on the go
--find it difficult to take their pet companions outside frequently
--want their pet companion to have a potty area convenient for everyone

Do I need to be there at home?

Absolutely not! However, we do ask that you let your doorman or building security know to let us in the building. We are very discreet and always provide professional service to ensure you're satisfied

How often do we change out the grass?

We change the POOP 911 pet patio grass once a week, every other week or more frequent if you'd like. It's your choice!

How do I keep my POOP 911 pet patio clean between service calls?

You can place it in your toilet, the fire hydrant or small mini trash receptacle we provide. We provide you with biodegradeable bags for the interim cleaning. Of course you can always select the frequency of service calls that best matches your needs for us to take care of for you.

Does pet patio replace the need for your pet's daily exercise?.

No. Although pet patio will give your favorite dog a place to take care of his bathroom business when he wants you will still want to exercise your pet on regular basis.

Pet Patio can be used indoors as well as outdoors and is preferable to many of our customers as an eco-friendly solution to potty pads or taking the dog outdoors multiple times a day to take care of their business. We also offer a large list of services and service plans other than dog poop clean up that let you customize what is right for you and your dog. Available year round.

So if you are looking for Pet Patio or Dog Waste Removal, Pet Clean up or Disposal services, POOP 911 is the pet service for you!