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That’s Correct. I Pick Up Dog Poop and Enjoy It!

Do you remember filling out those forms in high school to find the best job for your skill set and personality? Until recently, the idea of becoming or hiring a pet waste removal specialist wasn’t even thought to exist. With the rise of dog ownership and a growing concern for dog care services, a pooper scooper job is an integral part of POOP 911’s success. Interested in the good, the bad and the ugly behind the pooper scooper business? Here’s a story behind the enjoyment of pooper scooper technicians Bill and Lauren, who find joy in their daily job that some could view as dirty or ridiculous.

Meet the Business Owners

Lauren, who is an ambitious and talented woman, came from a successful, but a highly stressful corporate job that was taking a toll on her both physically and mentally. When Lauren found the opportunity to get outside in the sunshine, stay active and perform hands-on work, she decided it was time for a change.

Bill, who was working in former military positions and is now married to Lauren, wanted the opportunity to grow in a business that would give him the feeling that he wasn’t just a number in a big company. Bill, like many workers, wanted to perform work that made a difference in the world. When Bill started scooping yards, he learned that he helped many people and their dogs each day. Bill chose to work for POOP 911 in a pooper scooper job and now owns a franchise with Lauren.

The Challenges

A poop scooper technician job has few challenges. A poop scooper job with POOP 911 works rain or shine to get the job done. Additionally, it can get a little lonely while working solitary on the post. You are the boss of yourself when you work as a pooper scooper tech and it takes mental self-discipline to stick to a big job and commit to finishing it. It also requires attention to detail to make sure that the yard is thoroughly clean.

These challenges are few to the many benefits from working as a pooper scooper. One benefit is that you don’t have to choose to work a typical work day daily from 9-5. As a scooper, you know how many clients need service daily and you get them done on your time before days end. A poop scooper job is a great way to work independently without a supervisor breathing down your neck. You feel like you’re running your own business.

Making a Difference

Bill and Lauren pick up dog poop for a living, and they see nothing ridiculous about this career choice!

“One of the best perks of being a pooper scooper technician is the immediate gratification when receiving compliments in person and via social media,” Lauren said.

A comment like, “Great work” and “I love my scooper!” can be found in reviews that appear on social media and Google. Working as a pet waste removal technician, you will feel a sense of accomplishment with each yard you leave clean and smelling fresh. Each yard you clean as a scooper, you get to do it with your own professional who provides a unique flair. Lauren and Bill enjoy scooping yards and making them free of poop. They know that their customers are grateful.

Why POOP 911?

There are many pet waste removal companies out there, so you might ask yourself, “Why should I work as a poop scooper with POOP 911?

Bill confidently answered this question:

“POOP 911 offers a standard of quality that dominates with 5-star reviews on Yelp and Google, that drive each scooper to be and do their best,” Bill said. “With quality control, you enjoy your poop scooper job and know that you represent part of the best team.”

In a short while, you too will be saying, “Yup! I Pick Up Dog Poop and Enjoy It!”


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