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Why Own a POOP 911 Franchise?

Bill Kelley, POOP 911 Fort Worth, TX franchise owner, remembers a dog poop scoop job at a home that motivated him to work hard. Driving up to a stately home with a quarter mile driveway to a large single home estate reminded him that dreams come true. This home was an example of a private large family estate with over 26 air conditioners, several large patios, acres of grass and a new-found motivation for his future. It was that day he remembers thinking to himself that if he and his wife put in the hard work, one day, they could have a family estate just like this one. On the flip side, his wife Lauren, who is co-owner of POOP 911 Fort Worth, chuckles remembering the day she hauled away over 32 trash bags of dog poop from one of their customer’s office. From stinky to dreamy, this couple has the heart, passion, and dedication to not only build their pet waste removal empire but also build a business that takes care of both their customers and their technicians.

Bill immediately saw the benefits and the potential growth of the dog poop clean up business when he was a technician hired by a local POOP 911 franchise. People warned Lauren and him of the risks of signing on with a franchise, but the perks of owning a franchise, especially a POOP 911 franchise, outweighed the risks. In March 2013, Bill and Lauren Kelley decided to take the step from pet waste technician into small family run business ownership. Lauren jokingly remarks, “It was the best birthday gift!”

Every franchise is unique and comes with various benefits including brand recognition, corporate support in everyday activities, independent work and more. There are also some disadvantages to some franchises such as restrictive franchise agreements and territory boundaries. If you’ve ever thought of owning your own business, consider a POOP 911 franchise. POOP 911’s franchise benefits will astound you. Have you ever wondered what it takes to run a successful franchise business, then look no further than POOP 911.

Benefits of a POOP 911 Franchise

  1. In March of 2018, FitSmallBusiness.com reported data on the top 21 franchises under $10K and listed POOP 911 in the category. Affordable costs of under $10,000 make it more accessible to get started with a dog poop clean up business. Your monthly costs include, but are not limited to, marketing costs, vehicle wraps, payroll, uniforms, trash bags, deodorizer, computer and other items dependent on the growing customer base over the years. Many times, these monthly costs initiate after the franchise has reached 20 or more customers. We are committed to each of our franchise’s growth and success.
  2. The POOP 911 name is gaining recognition and has a significant web presence. POOP 911 provides an innovated website that allows customers to get a free quote with no obligations, place an order online and provide a form of payment in less than three minutes. Customers can also contact you for an appointment as well either by the 877-POOP-911 phone number or through a dedicated franchise email.
  3. You’re backed by corporate franchise support that trains and supports your questions and various accounting needs. Corporate provides numerous items to their owners including payroll processing, customer bill processing, B.A.R.C.’s route processing for your scoopers, starter uniforms, equipment and much more. Bill and Lauren shared, “POOP 911 corporate ownership is caring and dedicated leadership, and we feel that the ownership backs our business 100%.”
  4. Independent work that is gratifying without being stuck at a desk all day long. You are your own boss and you decided when and how to work your business. Corporate is here to guide you, but ultimately, it’s your baby, your business and you grow it how you see fit.
  5. The clean, fresh air will help your health and improve your physical needs. Lauren remarks, “I was able to lose 80 pounds after starting our POOP 911 franchise due to being able to live a more active lifestyle.”
  6. You’ll work hard, in the beginning, getting yards cleaned up, but will feel great about helping others. The customer feedback can be so rewarding to your soul as you read your Google, Yelp, and Facebook reviews.
  7. Payouts direct deposit regularly and increases as your customer base grows. Lauren mentioned that with a rapidly growing customer base, their goal is to make sure they hire the best team possible while meeting the needs of each of their customers.
  8. Already a dog scoop business? Convert your current business to a POOP 911. Let us help you with your scheduling, billing, marketing, and daily route optimization to have a better work-life balance.

Don’t believe us? Click below to hear from POOP 911 franchisees Bill and Lauren on why they love pick up god poop and enjoy it!

That’s Correct. I Pick Up Dog Poop and Enjoy It!

What it Takes

  1. Like a newborn baby, your new POOP 911 franchise will require quite a few hours of dedication, love, and attention to grow and thrive. As your business expands over each year, you’ll experience hiring a team of technicians to scoop your yards and care for your customer’s growing needs.
  2. The ability to help improve the economy by providing well-paying jobs for people to help take care of their family’s needs. Our most successful team members are friendly, introverted people who have an eye for the details.
  3. Hands-on ownership helps the business react quickly to issues that customers experience. The willingness to learn new software.
  4. Self-motivation and desire to do your best.

What to Expect

  1. Be willing to work hard. Bill and Lauren Kelley advise, “Be unique, be the best business you are and don’t conform to what everyone else is doing. Never become complacent and think that your hard work is not paying off, because overnight your business can grow like a young child after a good night’s sleep.”
  2. Customers are the lifeline of business. Take the time to get to know them and their dogs. They can be your best referral source or greatest hindrance. Taking a few extra minutes will instill in the customers that you are safe to be on their property, but also you will take care of their four-legged family member.
  3. A return on investment is available in less than 12 months to get your business fully underway. Your success depends on how much time you dedicate to building your business. There is no need to quit your day job right away. Your business numbers will indicate to you when it is time and until that time there are ways to build your business while still working your day job.

Why It’s a Great Business

  1. Immediate feedback not only from seeing a beautifully clean yard but also through customer reviews, emails, phone calls, and happy dogs. Some of our customers even tell us how they know their technician is in their yard because their dogs run to greet them.
  2. Lauren Kelley is excited that as a POOP 911 franchise owner she can be a part of an extensive network of owners and has a corporate office who is willing to not only innovate but also point her in the right direction with her advertising budget.
  3. The business of dog poop cleanup is a growing industry. With POOP 911’s proven track record of yearly growth, we have the right recipe to help each of our franchises grow.
  4. Corporate Support is also available with a low start-up cost.

If this sounds interesting to you, call us at 1-877-POOP-911 or email us at franchises@poop911.com. Please specify your name, address, and contact information at the time you call or in your email so that we may get in contact with you quickly regarding franchise opportunities in your area.


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