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Top 5 Services That Will Save You Time

Working 9-5 is not your only responsibility. When kids, pets, and staying in touch with friends begin to take away from the time you need to take care of other errands, there are services out there to help make your life easier and will save you time.

Here are five great services that could be an option in order to save you time:

House Cleaners

The average day has little time for extra cleaning. If you find yourself putting everything off until the somewhat anticipated season of spring cleaning, then hiring a house cleaner may help save you time. Freelancer Dana McMahan wrote an article published on NBC News titled “How Hiring a House Cleaner Made Me Happy, Healthier, and More Productive,” mentioning how affordable the service is, and how the end results meant she could spend more time on the things that mattered most.

Dog Poop Removal Services

Having a clean yard is just as important as having a clean house, yet people are more likely to let outdoor living spaces go when it comes to pet waste. By the time the house has been cleaned, there’s no time to clean the yard. Luckily, there are services that specifically cater to dog poop removal that will save you time, like POOP 911! When hiring a dog poop cleaning service, owners have the freedom to choose when and where the dog poop cleaners arrive. Best of all, they never leave until every poop has been scooped.


Need a way to save you time and money while on your next vacation? Try Airbnb. With prices much cheaper than hotels in the area, Airbnb is a safe money saving tool that will also eliminate the annoying task of waiting in line and possibly facing issues at hotel checkouts. Just search for the area, enter your check-in/check-out information and enter how many guests you have. It’s that simple.

House Sitters

Another excellent service that will save you time is that of house sitting. Planning a vacation can become hectic when trying to figure out what all, and who all, goes where. Instead of trying to find different people to take care of your pets, water the plants, take in the mail, and worry about what might happen to your home if left unattended, find someone you trust and hire them on as a house sitter. is a great place to find sitters in your area. All your worries will be taken care of at once without all the hassle.

Lawn Care Specialists

Nothing can be more time consuming than mowing the lawn or trimming the bushes. Instead of wasting an entire Saturday (sometimes leaning over into Sundays) find someone local in your area who mows grass, specializes in lawn care, and is ready to save you time. According to rates depend on the area and how many acres you have, but these services are relatively cheap, and worth the hours of time you’ll get back in the long run.

When it comes to saving time, POOP 911 will always do its best to aid pet owners and help you free up hours in the day. We’ll also leave your yard clean and free of dog poop. Contact POOP 911 today to schedule a service or get an estimate.


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