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Category: Did You Know?

Why I Became A Pooper Scooper

In the grand tapestry of career choices, few threads weave as uniquely as the

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Things Dogs Can’t Eat Off Your Plate At Thanksgiving

We occasionally treat our furry friends with food from our meals, but do you

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Should I Put A Sweater On My Dog?

Should I Put A Sweater On My Dog? While any dog can benefit from

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Dog Poop In Fall Leaves

Uh oh, you’ve found dog poop in fall leaves! Fall is the best time

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How to Introduce Your New Cat To Your Dog

Knowing how to introduce your new cat to your dog is important. Dogs have

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How to Train a Stubborn Puppy

Want to learn how to train a stubborn puppy? Patience, consistency, exercise, and many

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Dogs Love Playing In The Rain

Dogs really love playing in the rain. But why? What are some other useful

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Why Are Dog Owners Happier People?

Why Dog Owners are Happier People There’s an undeniable bond between humans and dogs,

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What Time Of The Year Should I Get A Puppy?

What time of the year should I get a puppy? You’ve thought about it

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Why Does My Dog Tilt Their Head?

Why does my dog tilt their head? One of the most endearing and charming

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